Top Hong Kong Representative Speaks at EWC

Clement Leung, Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs to the US, spoke at EWC on Feb. 23. Click the image to view video of his talk.

EWC Awarded $267,000 for U.S.-Japan Exchange on Disaster Recovery

EWC has been awarded a grant from the Japan Foundation’s Center for Global Partnership for a travel-exchange program focusing on community participation in long-term recovery after a major disaster.

Grad Students from 24 Nations Gather for EWC Student-Run Conference

More than 116 graduate students gathered at EWC Feb. 12-14 to present their research at the Center’s 14th annual International Graduate Student Conference, the largest of its kind worldwide.

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Former Japanese Defense Minister Speaks at EWC

Former Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto spoke at EWC on Jan. 28, detailing the Abe government's efforts to revise the country's post-war self-defense laws amid an Asia Pacific security environment that he said has changed dramatically in the last 70 years.

EWC Receives $750,000 from NASA to Study Changes in Nepal's Mountain Forests

EWC has received at $750,000 grant from NASA to study changes in the mountain forests of Nepal over the past 25 years. Led by EWC Senior Fellow Jefferson Fox, investigators seek to document the recovery of plant growth in previously deforested areas in the country whose mountain forests have sustained much of the population for generations.

Myanmar: Taking the Long View

Priscilla Clapp, former U.S. Charge d'Affaires in Burma, writes in a new Asia Pacific Bulletin policy brief that "A return to sanctions and punitive policies would limit U.S. influence on the government just at the time when we have a unique array of policy measures and channels of communication for assisting and guiding the transition forward."

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