What is the APLP?

APLP Vision
To create a network of action, focused on building a peaceful, prosperous and just Asia Pacific community.

Participant Outcomes
On completing the program, participants understand key trends which will affect the region in the future, what types of leadership these trends require, and how they fit within these shifting contexts as individuals and community leaders.

Who participates?
The 30 - 35 participants selected each year have strong leadership experience or exhibit high leadership potential. All participants have at least a Bachelor’s degree and most have a Master’s degree. APLP participants have come from 58 countries and have tremendous range of backgrounds (as examples:  science, business, development, politics, government, civil society, medicine, religious orders, art, finance, academia or research). The age of participants ranges from mid 20s to mid 40s with an average of 32 years old.  Most have at least five years of professional work experience.

What is the time commitment?
The APLP is a nine-month program (early-August to early-May) with a four-month residency requirement. During the first four months, all participants are based at the East-West Center in Honolulu and live on campus. The second phase of the program takes place online through virtual platforms.

What does the program involve?
The first four months (August through December) involves intensive coursework and living and working within a diverse community. First semester program content focuses on three areas: interpreting emerging issues facing the Asia Pacific; developing leadership capacity; and professional development.  Activities include workshops, discussion seminars, outdoor challenges, lectures, simulations, an intensive field study experience, independent work and online activities.

From January through May, the APLP takes place virtually through internet-based platforms.  Fellows are free to return to their home countries [and former employment], as all required assignments can be completed independently and submitted through internet-based platforms.  The typical time commitment for the second term is 3 – 4 hours per week (ex: monthly assignments, a capstone project and final portfolio).  The second term of the APLP is designed to provide the time, space and institutional support for participants to pursue individual career plans and professional goals. It is a time to activate the learning from the First Term in practical application and to deepen the leadership learning process.  Some APLP Fellows may also choose to independently pursue activities such as internships, coursework or applied leadership projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Who are the program staff?
There are six core program staff. This allows for a responsive and personalized approach to the program. Joining the program each year are world-class guests who deliver specific areas of program content and provide mentorship. Peer learning between participants is also a centerpiece of program design.

What does the APLP fellowship cover?
Upon entry, all participants are awarded an Asia Pacific Leadership Fellowship. The Fellowship is used to cover the majority of program fees, provision of learning materials, electronic and print resources, a field study, transportation to most off-site locations, other travel and excursions, specialized workshops, and health insurance for the first term. The estimated value of these items is approximately $12,000 (fellows responsible for paying applicable U.S. taxes).

What are the program and living costs?
Living and housing expenses on campus are approximately $1,000/month. Transportation to and from Hawai‘i is at the participant’s expense and each participant contributes $7,000 towards program fees and should budget $750 towards field study expenses.

What supplemental funding is available?
The APLP is fortunate to have developed a wide range of supplemental scholarship opportunities for participants to help defray certain expenses not covered by the Fellowship. Please see the scholarships page for details.

In 16 years, the APLP has become a signature program of the East-West Center. Its 581 alumni, who come from 58 countries, now occupy key positions within the United States and Asia Pacific region. Alumni stay in very close contact with the program with over 40% reuniting last year with program staff.

The APLP provides the time, tools, contacts and knowledge needed to successfully navigate personal and regional change.

We judge our success on how participants come to envision trends in the Asia Pacific region and their place within these trends; how participants develop leadership capacity, plan for future success and carry out actions needed to achieve this success.