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Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum



536 This flagship ASDP program on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of individual teachers and institutional teams from both two-year and four-year colleges and universities. The Institute takes a faculty-development approach to enhancing teaching and learning about Asian cultures and societies through lectures, discussions, films screenings and site visits in a seminar-like environment of shared inquiry. (Photo taken by Dr. Albert Wong, Unviersity of Texas at El Paso)

Infusing Chinese and Japanese Religion, Art and Literature into the Undergraduate Curriculum

Dates:  July 27-August 7, 2015
Location: East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii
Application Deadline:  March 9, 2015 

This multidisciplinary, three-week Institute fosters faculty and program development aimed at enhancing undergraduate teaching and learning about Asian cultures and societies. Hosted annually through a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation, the institute on Infusing Asian Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum offers undergraduate educators the opportunity to interact with leading Asian studies experts in an intensive program of lectures, discussions, film screenings, site visits and cultural events. The first two weeks of the 2013 program will include thematic overviews of Chinese and Japanese history; sessions on the religious traditions of Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, Shinto and Islam; and both China- and Japan-focused talks on premodern art traditions in modern and contemporary China and Japan. The 2014 Infusing Institute will be directed by Stanley Murashige (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and Peter Hershock (East-West Center).

Designed to meet the needs of educators involved in both curriculum and program development, the Infusing Institute is open both to individual applicants and to two- to three-person teams from colleges and universities committed to furthering undergraduate Asian studies.

Participants will receive lodging in the East-West Center guesthouse and a modest stipend. The home institutions of selected participants are asked to cover airfares and a program fee of $350. The application deadline will be March 9, 2015.

For inquiries, please contact the ASDP Secretariat:  Audrey Minei,

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