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United States–South Pacific Scholarship Program
2013 Finalists
The East-West Center is pleased to announce that the four finalists for the United States–South Pacific (USSP) Scholarship Program have been selected.

 Finalists and Field of Study 

  • Mr. Amota ATANEKA (Kiribati) MPA candidate in Public Administration
  • Mr. Riten Chand GOSAI (Fiji) MS candidate in Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
  • Mr. Joshua PAREP (Papua New Guinea) BA candidate in Computer Science
  • Mr. Henry OSI (Papua New Guinea) MA candidate in Political Science

The USSP Scholarship Program received many fine applications this year, and the East-West Center would like to congratulate all four finalists and wish them well as they begin their studies in the United States in August 2014.

The next round of competition will be open beginning in summer of 2014 for new USSP scholarships that will begin in August 2015.

If you are considering applying for the USSP scholarship, you may be interested in viewing last year's scholarship announcement, application form, and required supporting documents in the links below for reference purposes only.


All application documents contained in the application packet may be found here:

  1. USSP 2013 Application Instructions [pdf] [doc]
  2. USSP 2013 Application [pdf] [doc]
  3. USSP 2013 Letter of Reference [pdf] [doc]
  4. Tips for a Successful USSP Application 2013 [pdf] [doc]
2253 2013 US-South Pacific Scholarship Program Graduate Fellows

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