2013 Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange


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When: Mar 6 2013 (All day) until Mar 23 2013 (All day)
Where: Washington, D.C., New York City and Columbia, Missouri / Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan

This exchange offers U.S. and Pakistani journalists an opportunity to gain on-the-ground insights and firsthand information about the countries they visit through meetings with policymakers, government and military officials, business and civil society leaders, and a diverse group of other community members. All participants meet at the East-West Center in Hawaii before and after their study tours for dialogues focused on sensitive issues between the two countries; preconceived attitudes among the public and media in both the United States and Pakistan; new perspectives gained through their study tours; and how media coverage between the two countries can be improved. Ten Pakistani journalists will travel to the United States and ten U.S. journalists will travel to Pakistan. This East-West Center program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Embassy Islamabad Public Affairs Section.

Honolulu Program (March 6-8, and March 21-23)

The program opens with two-days of briefings and discussions for the Pakistani and American journalists at the East-West Center in Honolulu (March 6-8. Journalists will engage in dialogue sessions on the key issues and challenges in the Pakistan-U.S. relationship. After their respective study tour programs, the journalists will return to Honolulu (March 21-23) to share their new perspectives on the relationship and one another’s countries based on their on-the-ground meetings and visits, and will discuss ways to improve media coverage of the issues and of one another’s countries.

Study Tour for Pakistani Journalists (March 8-20):  Washington, D.C., New York City and Columbia, Missouri

Pakistani journalists will have an opportunity to explore U.S. policy toward Pakistan and learn more about the U.S. system of government and democracy during a visit to Washington, D.C. The New York City program will feature discussions about media coverage of Pakistan and the residual effects of 9/11 on U.S. relations with the Muslim world and the experience of Muslim Americans in the United States. Finally, participants will see a very different part of America in Columbia, Missouri. The prestigious Missouri School of Journalism will host a program that includes discussion sessions covering media topics such as roles and responsibilities of media in a democracy; the media's relationship with government, military and business; and the use of new media and new technologies for newsgathering. It also will provide unique opportunities to experience small town and rural Midwestern American life and a chance to interact with American citizens from diverse backgrounds. The program will include several public forums for Pakistani participants to share their perspectives with American audiences.

Study Tour for the U.S. Journalists (March 9-19): Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan

American journalists will have a chance to better understand the situation on the ground in Pakistan and explore Pakistani attitudes and perspectives toward the United States. Meetings will focus on Pakistan’s system of government and democracy, its economic and development challenges, the war on terrorism and rising extremism, as well as the role of the United States and its policies in Pakistan. Additionally, they will have a chance to observe Pakistan’s media environment and discuss coverage of the United States. The program will start in the capital city of Islamabad for meetings with policymakers, political leaders, analysts, students, civil society organizations and others who can provide journalists with a deeper understanding of Pakistan. Journalists will then travel to Lahore, Pakistan's cultural capital, to explore economic and development issues, religion, and politics, and to better understand Pakistan’s history and culture. The program will also feature home visits with Pakistani families and an opportunity to engage with a wide range of Pakistani citizens.

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