Asian International Justice Initiative

The Asian International Justice Initiative focuses on projects and partnerships related to international justice, judicial reform, the rule of law, and human rights in ASEAN and other Asia-Pacific countries.

 The Asian International Justice Initiative (AIJI) is a collaborative project between the East-West Center and the War Crimes Studies Center. Since 2003, the two centers have worked together in the areas of human rights, the rule of law, transitional justice, and judicial and capacity building. AIJI projects operate at the regional level, particularly in support of ongoing institutional developments in ASEAN concerning human rights and the rule of law. At the national level, AIJI programs currently operate in Indonesia, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Singapore, and Bangladesh. AIJI works with a wide range of university, governmental, and NGO partners in Southeast Asia and Europe. In support of its regional programs, AIJI works closely with the Human Rights Resource Center for ASEAN, a university network of 10 partner institutions with its administrative hub at the University of Indonesia.  IN 2012, AIJI established a presence in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to observe and report on criminal trial proceedings at the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh.

Professor David Cohen, a leading expert in international humanitarian law and international criminal law, directs all AIJI activities. Penelope VanTuyl, a young human rights lawyer, serves as Deputy Director. Other AIJI colleagues are based in Phnom Penh and Bangladesh.

Current Projects