Current Research Projects

PROJECT TITLEsort descending
Asia-Pacific Governance and Democracy Initiative (AGDI)
Asian International Justice Initiative
Asia’s Urban and Peri-Urban Growth: Governance, Policy, and Disaster Management
Cities at Risk: Building Institutional Capacity for Adaptation to Climate Change in Asian Coastal Cities
Community Management of Natural Resources: Examples from Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh
East Asian Trade Interdependence: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Economic Development and Land-Use Change: Expansion of Cash Crops in Southeast Asia
Economic Policy Issues: Joint Project with the Korea Development Institute
Energy Markets in the Asia-Pacific Region
Family Change in Asia and the United States
Forest, agricultural, and urban transitions in Mainland Southeast Asia: Synthesizing knowledge and developing theory
Globalization of Innovation Transforms US-Asia Economic Relations
HIV Policy Analysis, Research, and Training
Impact of the Rise of China on Regional Security
Modernization and Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Case of Avian Influenza in Vietnam
National Transfer Accounts: Measuring the Economic Impact of Population Aging
Pacific Basin Consortium for Environment and Health
Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) program
Policy Responses to Rapid Population Aging
Rebalancing China’s Political Economy
Rural-to-Urban Transitions and the Peri-Urban Interface: Identifying, Mapping, and Understanding Peri-Urban Areas in India and Pakistan
Spatial Information Laboratory