East-West Seminars offers short-term dialogue, field study, travel and exchange opportunities for working professionals in politics, government, civil society, business and the media who are in positions to affect policy, shape public opinion and influence change in their countries and communities. Programs provide opportunities for leading professionals from the United States and Asia Pacific to exchange views, build networks, develop leadership skills, and deepen knowledge of regional issues.

Leadership and Policy Dialogue

Senior and emerging political and business leaders from a variety of sectors focus on issues of regional concern in policy-oriented seminars and capacity-building seminars. Sessions offer a relaxed environment in which to analyze emerging trends in politics, governance, business, and society affecting the region.

Journalism Fellowships and Exchanges

Journalism fellowships and exchanges promote understanding of the complexities of the Asia Pacific region. Dialogue and study tours with colleagues, and discussions with government officials, business executives and community leaders provide participants with a means to broaden their network of contacts.

The East-West Center is an ideal gathering place for emerging leaders and regional specialists to discuss issues and strengthen relations with their counterparts. Field study is an important part of many seminar experiences, providing opportunities to connect with newsmakers, government officials, business leaders, academics and other experts and decision-makers throughout the region. Requirements for participation vary from program to program, including invitation-only programs; open registration programs, such as the Asia Pacific Executive Forum; and competitive applications, such as the Jefferson Fellowships.

Major donors, partners, and supporters

Major donors, partners and supporters for East-West Seminars include:
Asia Pacific Media Network | Asian American Journalists Association | Association of Taiwan Journalists | Better Hong Kong Foundation | China Daily | Duty Free Shoppers-Hawaii | Freedom Forum | Freeman Foundation | Gannett Foundation | Henry Luce Foundation | Hong Kong University | International Center for Journalists | Japan Center for International Exchange | Journalists Association of Korea | Korea Press Foundation | Korea Society | Mary Morgan Hewett Award Fund | New Zealand Agency for International Development | Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association) | Pacific Century Institute | Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat | People's Daily | Singapore International Foundation | Society of Professional Journalists | South Pacific Applied Geosciences Commission (SOPAC) | U.S. Dept. of the Interior Office of Insular Affairs | U.S. Dept. of State and its Foreign Press Centers | United Nations Development Program  | University of the South Pacific | Xinhua News Agency.

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