CSC-EWC Washington Scholars Program


China Scholarship Council–East-West Center Washington Scholars Program at the East-West Center in Washington, D.C.

China Scholarship Council LogoThe East-West Center LogoEast-West Center (EWC) welcomes scholars and analysts from China who wish to participate in the “China Scholarship Council – East-West Center Joint Program” to consider applying for placement as “CSC-EWC Washington Scholars” at the EWC office in Washington, D.C. These placements are designed for scholars who wish to undertake research and writing on topics of relevance to contemporary US-Asia policy, including diplomatic, politico-security, and economic issues.

The program supports three-month and six-month residencies at the East-West Center in Washington in Washington, D.C. (EWCW) While in residence, the Scholars will complete an English-language article or monograph to be considered for publication in the East-West Center’s Asia Pacific Bulletin series, the Asia Pacific Issues series, or the Policy Studies series. The first full draft of the manuscript should be completed before the end of the residency period. Fellows must also give a public seminar on their research and writing topic.

The CSC-EWC Washington Scholars Program requires two separate applications. First, an application is submitted to the East-West Center in Washington (details below). Successful applicants are then invited to apply for funding from the China Scholarship Council to subsidize their travel, living expenses and health insurance. Scholars are responsible for securing their own housing and medical insurance coverage during their term of residency, as well as a $1,000 desk fee. This fee, paid to the EWCW per month of award, goes toward use of office resources and program support.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and will be accepted based on the strength of the application and the availability of office space.


Applicants with or without a Ph.D. will be considered; those without a Ph.D. will be considered based on their relevant professional experience. Applicants must be nationals of the People’s Republic of China and eligible to receive funding from the China Scholarship Council. Successful applications will include a completed online application form, a full CV, two letters of reference, and a policy-relevant research proposal of ten pages (double spaced). The proposal should discuss the policy problem or issue to be examined, tentative hypothesis and arguments, a review and short bibliography of the relevant literature, and project time frame.

Those who are selected as CSC-EWC Washington Scholars will need to be on East-West Center J-1 visa sponsorship during residency. Acceptance of the fellowship will subject fellows to Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act or the 'two-year home country residency requirement' before the fellow may apply for a change of status in the U.S., permanent residency, or an H, L, or K visa.

Please note the J-1 Visa Requirements have been recently updated and include: (1) evidence of J-status appropriate health/repatriation insurance enrollment for the period, (2) evidence of English-language proficiency, and (3) a separate SEVIS I-901 fee.

The application form is available HERE

For more information on J-1 visa requirements, see: General Information for All J-1 Visitors

For additional questions, please email: