Asia Room -- 1400 sq ft, 60-64 people

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Dimensions: 1,400sq.ft.


Elegant wood tiers and comfortable seating invite formal discussion in conference format. This room (identical to the Pacific Room) has state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities and is equipped for simultaneous interpretation. Fixed U-shaped Seating for 60 people - Diagram of rooms


Audio/Visual Support:


  • 35mm Slide Projector

  • Overhead Transparency Projector

  • VHS videotape playback: universal standards

    • NTSC: U.S. standard

    • PAL: British standard

    • SECAM: French standard

  • Video projection interface for computer (VGA,SVGA,XGA resolutions)

  • DVD Playback (if available)

  • Audio Cassette Recording

  • Microphones:

    • Lavalier mic

    • Table Stand mic

    • Lectern mic

    • Hand held mic

  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

  • Laser Pointer  (if available)