Annie Reynolds

Arts Program Assistant, Office of External Affairs
reynolda [at]

Annie Reynolds has a background in Western music, including violin; earned a PhD in Theatre at University of Hawai‘i at Ma ̄noa; and is presently Arts Program Assistant at the East-West Center. She began performing Balinese gamelan in San Francisco in 2001; continued her study of traditional performing arts from 2004 to 2005 at Institut Seni Indonesia, Denpasar (Indonesian Arts Institute, Denpasar); and has since taken periodic trips to Bali to undertake intensive study of music and dance. While in Bali, her primary focus was studying gender wayang, the music of the traditional shadow theatre, and she performed accompaniment for various dalang (puppeteers) as part of many local ceremonial events and in new collaborative projects with Balinese artists. Her most recent residency in Bali was from 2013 to 2014, and focused on classical and contemporary Balinese legong dance. In 2009, Reynolds assisted in reestablishing Gamelan Segara Madu under the direction of I Made Widana, and she is currently the ensemble’s Assistant Artistic Director and Administrative Director.