Elisa W. Johnston

Publications Manager, Communications & External Relations
JohnstoE [at] EastWestCenter.org

Elisa W. Johnston is the founding series editor of the Asia Pacific Issues series, which she now serves as a co-series editor and editorial committee member. She plays the same roles for the Center's Policy Studies series. As a member of the Communications & External Affairs staff, she supports the publication of policy-focused works generated by other Center programs. She joined the Center in its Public Affairs Office after founding the Office of Public Information at the Bishop Museum, an international center for the study of Pacific natural and cultural history. At the East-West Center, she led the consolidation and branding of EWC research publications and the creation of six flagship series serving non-specialist, policy, and scholarly audiences. As the head of the central EWC publications and branding office, she directed the rollout of two successive institutional branding programs, published flagship series and special book projects, and represented Center publishing at international conferences.