Jody Huckaby

Advancement Director, Office of Development
HuckabyJ [at]

Jody Huckaby, as Advancement Director, works in coordination with the President of the East-West Center, is responsible for the development, planning, implementation, and management of fundraising efforts and alumni relations.  This includes working with the President on strategic planning, identifying and cultivating major donors, integrating fundraising activities more fully into all of the organization’s activities, and building and sustaining alumni relations in support of the Center’s ability to carry out its mission.

Jody has more than 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience, including 15 years in Washington, DC where he served as executive director of PFLAG National and the Washington Humane Society. He also has leadership experience in a statewide healthcare and advocacy organization in Albuquerque and a healthcare and social service organization in Houston. In addition to his work in development, he has worked in a broad range of functional areas including marketing and communications, operations and financial management, chapter membership, talent management, and corporate training in the areas of diversity, inclusion and culture change. 

Jody relocated to Honolulu in the Spring of 2017.