John N. Hawkins

Co-Director, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership, Professional Development Program
hawkins [at]
Area of Expertise: 

Education and development in Asia; Higher education reform; Politics of educational planning and practice

John N. Hawkins is a consultant for the East-West Center's International Forum for Education 2020, which currently includes the Education Leadership Institute and Senior Seminars. He is Professor Emeritus and Director of the Center for International and Development Studies at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Hawkins is a specialist on higher education reform in the U.S. and Asia and the author of several books and and research articles on education and development in Asia. He was the founding Dean of International Studies at UCLA, and has served as a Director of the UCLA Foundation Board and is currently a Director of the East-West Center Foundation Board. He has served as President of the Comparative International Education Society and Editor of the Comparative Education Review. His latest co-edited book (with Peter Hershock and Mark Mason) is Changing Education:  Leadership, Innovation, and Development in a Globalizing Asia Pacific, published by Springer Press, Hong Kong, and his latest journal article is  "Some Trends in Higher Education: the Intersection of Public and Private in Asia and the U.S.," Global Education. Dr. Hawkins has conducted research throughout Asia since 1966 when he first visited the People's Republic of China and Japan.