Keola Diaz

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Administrative Assistant, Education Program
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Keola Kim Diaz is from the Republic of Palau. He is of Palauan, Chamorro, Korean, Japanese and Filipino descent. Keola earned his BA in Communications and an MA in Pacific Islands Studies, both from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is an advocate of social and civil rights for migrants, particularly those from the Pacific living in the United States. Keola is interested in the transformative power of the media, particularly visual media, and utilizes different forms of media to address issues that affect the Pacific region, including Micronesians’ social issues in Hawaii.  Most recently, Keola served as the senior director of youth programs at the YMCA of Honolulu Kaimuiki-Waialae branch, where he oversaw more than 20 youth programs including A+ after school care.

As Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Dean of the Education Program, Keola plays a key role in supporting the Dean and organizing the work of Education Program in administering scholarships and maintaining a robust living and learning environment for graduate students. He serves as a point of contact for inquiries to the Education Program and for the Dean's office.