Mathura Small

Visa Officer
smallm [at]

Ms. Mathura Small is currently the East-West Center’s Visa Officer. She joined the Center in 2010 and has experience working with both the Awards Services Office and the Visa Office. Mathura manages the EWC’s J Exchange Visitor program and also handles Non-immigrant visa matters. In this role she is mainly responsible for providing guidance, advising, and administrative services to EWC participants. Mathura also supports the Award Services Office through furnishing technical and administrative support for participant award agreements. Before coming to the Center, she was a Designated School Official and worked in the registrar’s office of an English language school. Then she worked as a Specialist with the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in International Affairs, she worked for a decade in the field of graduate-level international higher education in Thailand. Mathura loves traveling and numerous journeys have taken her across a multitude of countries spanning Asia, Europe and North America.