Ming Li Yong

YongM [at] EastWestCenter.org
Area of Expertise: 

Transboundary water governance and environmental governance; Community-based natural resource management; Public participation; Development and its impacts on livelihoods and the environment; Southeast Asia, Mekong Region

Ming Li Yong is a researcher focused on issues around transboundary water governance and hydropower development in the Mekong River Basin, particularly in relation to livelihoods, community-based natural resource management, civil society movements, institutional arrangements, and public participation. Much of her research has taken place in Thailand and Cambodia.

Ming Li is from Singapore and possesses a PhD from The University of Sydney. She has previously taught courses on environmental ethics, development, and sustainability at The School for Field Studies’ Center for Conservation and Development Studies and Pannasastra University while based in Siem Reap, and at the National Institute of Education in Singapore.

Select publications include: Transboundary environmental publics and hydropower governance in the Mekong River Basin: A contested politics of place, scale, and temporality (Environmental Policy and Governance, 2022); Reclaiming community spaces in the Mekong River transboundary commons: Shifting territorialities in Chiang Khong, Thailand (Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 2020); Volumes, fluidity and flows: Rethinking the ‘nature’ of political geography (Political Geography, 2015); Neoliberalizing hydropower in the Mekong Basin: The political economy of partial enclosure (Social Science Journal); and Tangled nets of discourse and turbines of development: Lower Mekong mainstream dam debates (Third World Quarterly, 2012).