Minja Kim Choe

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
mchoe [at] hawaii.edu
Ph.D. Epidemiology-Biostatistics, University of Hawai'i, 1983
Area of Expertise: 

Family and Gender Issues; Fertility and Reproductive Health; Policy Implications of Low Fertility; Health Transition in East and Southeast Asia; Statistical Analysis of Demographic Process

Minja Kim Choe joined the EWC in 1983, and has co-authored and published numerous books, monographs and journal articles on fertility behavior, infant mortality, health behavior of adolescents and youth, marriage, gender roles, demographic methods and statistical methods. Her research includes work in Korea, Japan, China, United States, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. She holds a Ph.D. in epidemiology-biostatistics from the University of Hawai‘i.

Dr. Choe's recent research work has focused on fertility and family change in East Asia and the United States

Consultancies: International Statistical Institute; State of Hawaii; United Nations Population Division, Statistics Division, and Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA); World Bank; World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Choe's curriculum vitae.