Namji Steinemann

Director, AsiaPacificEd Program for Schools
SteinemN [at]
Area of Expertise: 

K-12 education on Asia and the Pacific region; Policy and curriculum issues for improved Asia Pacific-related education; Asian American history and related issues

Namji Steinemann is associate director of the EWC Education Program and directs the AsiaPacificEd Program, a national program that helps K-12 schools meet curriculum, assessment and instructional needs concerning the Asia Pacific region. She is the former vice president of the Asia Society’s Education Program and the chief architect of the Society’s Asia in the Schools program. She also served as executive director of the National Commission on Asia in the Schools. Formerly, Steinemann was a Peace Corps teacher in Thailand. She currently serves on the editorial board of Education About Asia, and is active in the National Council for Social Studies Teacher Education and Professional Development committees, and the Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People Selection Subcommittee. She is a graduate of East Carolina University and has lived in Korea, Thailand and France.