Nicholas Barker

Senior Leadership Education Specialist, Professional Development Program
BarkerN [at]
Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology, Cambridge University
Area of Expertise: 

Leadership education and training; Indigenous models of leadership in Asia Pacific; Adversity, crisis and resilience

Leadership Education

Current work in leadership education, especially in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program, includes: indigenous models of leadership in Asia Pacific; negotiation and conflict resolution; diversity training; visioning, strategic planning and coaching; transformational leadership; gender and leadership; effective communication; team building and group dynamics; power, influence and ethics; facilitation and collaborative leadership.

Cultural Anthropology
Ongoing anthropological research examines the global and historical phenomenon of religious self-mortification. Focus on contemporary religious revival in South and Southeast Asia. Study of history of ideas about pain and cultural constructions of the body.

Recent publications include articles in Modern Encyclopedia of Asia; Encyclopedia of Southeast Asian History; Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance. Recent projects include BBC/Discovery television documentary, Beyond Endurance.

Institutional History
Affiliate graduate faculty Department of Anthropology, and Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Long-term field work in the Philippines. Formerly on the faculty of Department of Anthropology, St. Andrews University, Scotland. Visiting Fellow, Nagoya University, Japan.