Peter F. Young

Grants Officer
YoungP [at]
Office: 808.944.7186 Mobile: 650.296.4987
Area of Expertise: 

Social Media marketing, organizational communications, financial management, disaster management, culture change, Pacific Island policy development, Asia industrial policy, and currency & commodity trading.

As the Center’s Grants Officer, Peter Young oversees the East-West Center's grant and contract submissions. Always looking for opportunities, Peter searches for and facilitates funding activities for all of the areas of the Center. He assists in the development of Center-wide strategic programmatic approaches to issues affecting the entire Indo-Pacific region.  And in concert with the EWC Foundation, Peter works with foundations and funding agencies from throughout the region to address the Center’s strengths and broaden EWC's approach to the region in such areas as journalism and mass communications, trade and development, and environmental and climate challenges.

Peter has more than 30 years of university and high-tech industry leadership experience, including his past 10 years at San Jose State University where he served as a Professor of New Media Technologies, Associate Director of the Silicon Valley Big Data and Cybersecurity Center, Director of the Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies, and Principal Investigator for the 360/VR News Storytelling Project with the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. His career path also included many years as a (reserve) Army officer serving in Korea, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, and Hawaii as well in California. In addition to his work in grants and contracts, his high-tech industry work has included marketing and communications, operations and financial management, project management, human resources, corporate training, and culture change.

Peter is a former East-West Center grantee and relocated to Honolulu in June of 2018.