Tim Brown

Senior Fellow, Research Program
tim [at] wiliki.eng.hawaii.edu
PhD, physics, University of Hawaii
Area of Expertise: 

Infectious disease and behaviorial epidemiology, risk behaviors and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Asia and the Pacific; Public policy for HIV/AIDS prevention and care; International collaboration on health issues, children and HIV/AIDS; Modeling of HIV/AIDS transmission and impacts.

Dr. Brown directs the UNAIDS Collaborating Center at the East-West Center; is a member of the Mapping the AIDS Pandemic Network; an affiliated researcher, Center for AIDS Research, Thai Red Cross Society, since 1989; and a member, Thai Working Group on HIV/AIDS Projection. He was formerly assistant professor in electrical engineering, University of Hawai'i; adjunct assistant professor in the Program on Computing, Department of Mathematics, University of California at Los Angeles; and applications group manager, AMETEK Computer Research Division, Pasadena.

Consultancies: World Health Organization, Global Programme on AIDS; United Nations Fund for Population Activities and Thai National Economic and Social Development Board; UNDP Regional Project on HIV and Development; Save the Children Fund (UK)

Professional honors: Research grants from Save the Children Fund (UK), WHO, and Rockefeller Foundation