Toufiq Siddiqi

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and President, Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Century
SiddiqiT [at]
Dr. Rer. Nat., Nuclear Physics, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Area of Expertise: 

India-Pakistan Cooperation in Environment and Energy; Nuclear nonproliferation issues: Water and security in South Asia; Energy and global climate change.

Dr. Siddiqi has over thirty years of research in the fields of energy and environment, particularly global climate change. He was formerly Regional Adviser on Energy in the Envrionment and Natural Resources Management Division, UNESCAP, in Bangkok; and a former Senior Fellow in the Program on Environment at the East-West Center. He also was on the faculty of Indiana University for ten years. He has published books, reports and articles on environment, energy, climate change, science and technology policies, water resources management and physics.