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Here are some of the Center's top Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I contact the East-West Center?
You can find EWC contact info here.

Where can I find someone connected with the East-West Center?
We have a directory of East-West Center online, please click here .
If the person is with the University of Hawai‘i , instead, please try their UH Directory.

How do I get to the East-West Center?
For driving instructions and maps please see Visitor Information.

How do I find out more about East-West Center Housing, including reservations, facilities, and locations?
For our Residential Facilities, you can find all that information right here.

What kinds of educational/faculty development programs are available at the Center? College faculty development programs are offered, as well as K-12 teacher professional development and curriculum resources.

What kinds of grants does the East-West Center offer?
The Center offers:

The East-West Center is not a funding agency and does not offer grants to support projects outside of the Center. Be sure to check our Applications Announcement page for scholarships, grants, and fellowships for various program along with applications and deadlines.

I have my own financial support. How do I apply to conduct my research at the Center? Please send a curriculum vitae, a description of your proposed research, and a cover letter briefly describing why it is beneficial to conduct this work at the Center to [email protected]. Your proposal will be reviewed by members of the Research staff before an invitation may be issued. You are also encouraged to establish contact with a member of the Research staff who is conducting work on areas related to yours.

Does the Center offer internships?
Center staff members occasionally welcome volunteers who wish to gain experience contributing to a Center project. Interested persons should send a detailed description of research experience and interests, and a CV to Research Program Officer. This information will be shared with relevant members of the research staff to determine if they will invite a volunteer intern. Potential interns are also encouraged to review the list of Center projects to establish contact with the project staff. Inquiries may be circulated to and reviewed by several research staff members. While we try to give a definite response to all intern inquiries, this is not always possible.
The East-West Center in Washington, DC, also has an internship program, click here to learn more about it. 

Having troubles with a document on the site?
Is it a PDF ( filename .pdf) document? You may not have the correct browser application installed. For PDF documents you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get Acrobat Reader 

Who do I speak to at the Center about news stories? 
For news releases, media inquiries and news about the East-West Center, contact Derek Ferrar at 808.944.7204.

How can I find information about a country or region?
The East-West Center conducts its research, education, and seminar activities using an issues-based focus. Usually these projects also have a country or regional focus but EWC work is not organized by country or area as it is in area studies programs at universities. If you are studying a particular country or region and want to see if EWC is doing work relevant to your interests, please follow these searching tips: To find EWC staff who study a country or region, go to Research Staff and use Edit/Find in your browser to search for the name of the country or region (i.e China or Pacific Islands). To find EWC research projects on a country or region, go to Research Projects and Edit/Find in your browser to search for the name of the country or region. To find EWC publications on a country or region, go to Publications and, in the Search For box, type the name of the country or region.
You can find information about individual countries (and ASEAN) and their relationship to the US in the East-West Center's Asia Matters for America initiative: 

 Still have questions?
You'll find East-West Center's contact information here