Hale Manoa

1711 East-West Road
Telephone: 808-944-7960
Desk Hours: 24 hours


Hale Manoa generally houses the Center's long term degree-seeking students and other participants. Hale Manoa is a 13-story dormitory serviced by two elevators. Certain floors or units are designated for male only or female only room assignments. Other areas are for coeducational living where married couples are accommodated in double rooms.

Rooms are arranged into living units, with each unit consisting of two double and five single rooms. All rooms have telephone service and WiFi. Each living unit has shared bathroom/toilet facilities.

Limited kitchen facilities and coin-operated laundry machines are located on each floor. In addition, residents have access to lounges for TV viewing and small meetings or social functions.




Hale Manoa double room, click image for larger view


Eligible students include East-West Center scholarship recipients and also students with no formal affiliation with the East-West Center, e.g., University of Hawaii graduate students as space permits. The Special Housing program accommodates graduate students whose academic work is related to the East-West Center mission of promoting better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific.

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Hale Manoa single room, click image for larger view


Visitor housing requires sponsorship by EWC staff, participants, or alumni.  Eligibility may also be satisfied by an educational affiliation or sponsorship.   Children accompanied by parents are allowed to reside in Lincoln Hall only.

Reservations are normally confirmed six months prior to arrival on a space available basis. Allow at least one working day to process reservation requests.
Visitors are limited to a maximum stay of 20 nights. Individuals may qualify for extended/semester housing through the Special Housing Program. Contact the Housing Reservation office for more information.

Single room $33.00 per night
Double room (single or double occupancy) $45.00 per night

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Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, click on image for larger view

Conference Participants

A limited number of rooms are available for conference housing with priority given to groups whose objectives and interests complement the East-West Center mission.

Conference/groups eligible for housing must have an educational or non-profit affiliation/sponsorship.

Reservations are normally confirmed up to a year in advance.

Single room $33.00 per night
Double room (single or double occupancy) $45.00 per night

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