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The Center has two housing facilities for its student scholarship recipients -- Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine. In addition, housing in these residence halls is available to students with no formal affiliation with the East-West Center, e.g., University of Hawaii graduate students as space permits. The Special Housing program accommodates graduate students whose academic work is related to the East-West Center mission of promoting better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific.

Students applying for an East-West Center scholarship or program should disregard the Rate and Summary, Housing Application/Contract and Housing Statement sections.

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Application (Rates and Summary)

Special Housing Application (Part 1 of 2)

Health Clearance Form.pdf  (Part 2 of 2)

Student Housing

The front desk serves as the reception and information center for the residence halls and provide various services for residents.

Hale Manoa desk: 944-7960; open 24 hours a day.

Services available through the desk include the following:

  • Handling arrivals and departures of residents.
  • Loan of duplicate room keys (appropriate identification may be required).
  • Receiving messages for residents.
  • Recording of repairs and maintenance problems.
  • Reservations for use of equipment or facilities (i.e., special lounges).
  • Processing of room rental payments.
  • Making change up to $5.00.

Arrivals, Departures, and Keys

Check-In Procedures

In-coming residents must check in at the front desk for room keys. Hale Kuahine check ins are processed at the Hale Manoa front desk.

Each resident in Hale Kuahine is issued a keycard that opens their room door as well as the ground floor entry door.

Each resident in Hale Manoa is issued a keycard that opens their room door, the unit storage room (located across from the hallway mirror in each unit), and the security door next to the front desk.

Requests for changing rooms should be submitted in writing to the Housing Office via the front desk.

Check-Out Procedures

Residents are considered "checked out" only when their keys are returned to the front desk. Avoid additional room charges by returning room keys upon departure from the dormitory. Hale Kuahine residents need to clear their room rental account before the check out and deposit room keys in the  key drop upon leaving.  Check out is 10:00am.  Late check outs will result in a one night's room charge.



Residents should keep their rooms locked at all times and always carry their room key with them. The East-West Center will not be liable for any personal belongings lost because of thefts from resident rooms, storage areas and building common areas.

Storage space for luggage and personal belongings is available for hall residents. As space is limited, residents are requested to be considerate of others by using a reasonable amount of space and to properly pack and identify their items. These items must be removed whenever a resident checks out of the unit. Fire safety regulations forbid the storage of empty boxes, crates and other flammable items.

The East-West Center assumes no responsibility for loss of property by fire, theft, or other damage. Residents may obtain personal property insurance coverage on their own.


Visitors and Guests

Visitors may be received in the first floor reception area. Visitors must be accompanied by a resident host or hostess at all times while on the upper floors and in other areas not designated as public areas of the buildings. Residents will be held responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests and visitors while in the residence halls and adjacent areas.

There are no restrictions on visitation, but the presence of visitors in the living units must not be a nuisance or inconvenience to the other members of the unit. Visitors of the opposite sex are not permitted to use the unit bathrooms and should not loiter in the unit hallways.

All visitors and guests should park their cars in the University of Hawaii visitors' parking lot located behind Kennedy Theater. Unauthorized cars are ticketed and may be towed away from the Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine parking lots.

Overnight guests may be accommodated on a space available basis. Guest accommodations are available for periods up to twenty nights. Guest reservation forms are available at the reception desk of each hall. Room usage is for registered individuals only. Under no circumstances may rooms be transferred (loan or sublet) to another person(s).

Housekeeping Services

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. A broom and dust pan are available in each unit, and a mop is available in the laundry room. A vacuum cleaner may be borrowed from the reception desk for a small deposit (refundable). Linen may be exchanged at the reception desk.

General cleaning and fumigation of the public areas is conducted throughout the year. Residents will be notified of special procedures during these periods.

Laundry Services

Coin-operated washing and drying machines are located in each of Hale Manoa's common floors (3,6,9,12) and in the ground floor laundry room of Hale Kuahine. Laundry detergent may be purchased in each laudry room. Personal laundry should not be washed or hung in unit bathrooms of Hale Manoa and Hale Kuahine


Residents are not required to participate in a meal program. Cooking is prohibited in resident rooms and other areas of the hall except in kitchens (Refer to Resident Conduct Code).

East-West Center residents may participate in a meal plan program through Marriott Education Services, a nationally known college food management organization, which has operations on more than 300 campuses. There are cafeteria/food service outlets throughout the campus.

Resident Conduct Code

Housing Resident Conduct Code.pdf