EWC Specialists on the Asia Pacific Region

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Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

China’s political and economic transformation; China’s foreign trade and foreign investment policy; China’s automobile industry development and telecom policy, China-Japan economic relations.

Manager, Asian Studies Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and Comparative Higher Education; Contemporary Buddhist Thought; Ethics and Social Justice; Cultural Diversity

Adjunct Fellow, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Development, Governance, Natural Resource Development, Conflicts, Conflict Resolution, Post-conflict Development, Solomon Islands.

Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Integrated climate, land, and hydrological systems simulation; Applied climate science and climate policy; Effects of climate variability on water supply, agriculture, and natural resources; Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of natural systems modeling

Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and regionalization; Economic relations in the Asia Pacific region; Electricity and telecommunications cooperation in East Asia.

Director, Office of External Affairs
Area of Expertise:

Public Diplomacy/Public Affairs
International Public Engagement

Media Program Manager, East-West Seminars
Area of Expertise:

US-Asia Pacific media issues; Global communication; Reporting on the military in the Asia Pacific

Senior Program Officer, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Political and economic development in the Pacific Islands; international relations between the Pacific islands and the United States; sustainable tourism; professional development

Senior Fellow, Research Program and Professor of Economics, University of Hawaii
Area of Expertise:

Labor and human resources; Aging and the elderly labor force; Child education and health

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and the geography of health and disease; Climate change and health; Gender, health and development

Vice President and Director, East-West Center in Washington
Area of Expertise:

Asia Pacific international relations; US-Asia defense and security relations; India’s foreign policy

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Research, networking and capacity building related to climate change adaption in the Asia-Pacific region and changing water conditions associated with climate change in Hawaii.

EWC Vice President; Director of Research; Director (designate) of the Pacific Islands Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Asia Pacific international relations; US-Oceania defense and security relations; Political and economic development in the Pacific Islands.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and Director, Regional Climate Services for the Pacific Region, NOAA NESDIS NCEI
Area of Expertise:
Development and dissemination of data and products associated with coastal flooding and erosion
Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Economic development and population change; economic consequences of aging; intergenerational transfers; and lifecycle saving and wealth.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Office of External Affairs
Area of Expertise:

Sino-capitalism; China’s capitalist transition and industrial/financial reforms; International and comparative political economy; East Asia security issues

Research Fellow and Program Manager for the Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (Pacific RISA) Program
Area of Expertise:

Human dimensions of environmental change; Climate adaptation and resilience planning; Evaluative research on climate change policies and programs; Social equity in the context of climate change

Leadership Program Senior Manager
Area of Expertise:

Human-Environment Relationship, Organizational Development & Change Leadership, Personal Prototyping & Action Planning, Network Development, Foresighting

Adjunct Senior Fellow, East-West Center
Area of Expertise:

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum; Asia Pacific international relations, economic issues, and security issues; US-Asia policy, trade policy.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Comparative Higher Education; Globalization; Health policy

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Research Program and Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Area of Expertise:

Political economy of US trade policy; US economic relations with Asia; economies of Japan, China and Korea; North Korea and the prospects for Korean unification.

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Research Program and Director, SAIS Europe, Johns Hopkins University
Area of Expertise:

Economic development in Asia and ASEAN; International economic integration; Asia Pacific regionalism

Adjunct Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Nonproliferation, strategic trade controls, Japan’s foreign and security policy

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and Visiting Professor, Khon Kaen University
Area of Expertise:

Upland development in Vietnam; Environmental perception; Sustainable land use; Global environmental policies.

Emeritus Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Populations of Japan, China, India, Nepal; Below-replacement fertility; Fertility and family planning, and infant and child mortality

Curator, EWC Gallery, Arts Program, Office of External Affairs
Area of Expertise:

Visual and performing arts of Asia and the Pacific; Cultures and arts of Southeast Asia; Asian theatre and puppetry; Balinese performing arts; Indonesian language; Exhibition design and development

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies Waseda University, Tokyo
(+81-3) 3286-3877
Area of Expertise:

Qualitative research on family and gender issues, work/life balance, contemporary Japanese society, anthropology of work, immigration policy.

Senior Fellow and Supervisor of POSCO Fellowship Program, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Northeast Asian political and security issues

Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Interdisciplinary research in: Environmental Risk Analysis; Exposure Assessment; Environmental Health; Air Pollution; Emerging Infectious Diseases, Environmental Justice, Impacts of Peri-urbanization; and Public Perceptions of Environmental Risks

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Office of the President
Area of Expertise:

Asia Pacific international relations; US-Asia defense/ security relations and policy