EWC Specialists on the Asia Pacific Region

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Adjunct Senior Fellow, Pacific Islands Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Sustainable development in the Pacific; Development finance, trade and fisheries; Conflict management

Chief Communications Officer, Communications and External Relations
Area of Expertise:

Politics, economies and foreign relations of Micronesia (RMI, FSM, Palau); China in the Pacific; Southeast Asian macroeconomics

Dean, Education Program
Area of Expertise:

International education and training, building Asia Pacific regional knowledge and networks among students, young leaders and journalists, women’s entrepreneurship and leadership development, Pakistan-US relations and media environment in Pakistan

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

China’s political and economic transformation; China’s foreign trade and foreign investment policy; China’s automobile industry development and telecom policy, China-Japan economic relations.

Acting Director, Pacific Islands Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Educational technology, distance learning, information technology, culturally responsive and culturally sustaining education, leadership development, arts education, multilingualism, indigenous research methodologies, Micronesians in the US.

Manager, Asian Studies Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and Comparative Higher Education; Contemporary Buddhist Thought; Ethics and Social Justice; Cultural Diversity

Adjunct Fellow, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Development, Governance, Natural Resource Development, Conflicts, Conflict Resolution, Post-conflict Development, Solomon Islands.

Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Integrated climate, land, and hydrological systems simulation; Applied climate science and climate policy; Effects of climate variability on water supply, agriculture, and natural resources; Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of natural systems modeling

Media Program Manager, East-West Seminars
Area of Expertise:

US-Asia Pacific media issues; Global communication; Reporting on the military in the Asia Pacific

Senior Program Officer, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Political and economic development in the Pacific Islands; international relations between the Pacific islands and the United States; sustainable tourism; professional development

Senior Fellow, Research Program and Professor of Economics, University of Hawaii
Area of Expertise:

Labor and human resources; Aging and the elderly labor force; Child education and health

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Globalization and the geography of health and disease; Climate change and health; Gender, health and development

Vice President and Director, East-West Center in Washington
Area of Expertise:

Asia Pacific international relations; US-Asia defense and security relations; India’s foreign policy

Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Climate data analysis and mapping, climate variability, climate change adaptation project preparation

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Research, networking and capacity building related to climate change adaption in the Asia-Pacific region and changing water conditions associated with climate change in Hawaii.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and Director, Regional Climate Services for the Pacific Region, NOAA NESDIS NCEI
Area of Expertise:
Development and dissemination of data and products associated with coastal flooding and erosion
Adjunct Senior Fellow, Communications & External Relations
Area of Expertise:

Sino-capitalism; China’s capitalist transition and industrial/financial reforms; International and comparative political economy; East Asia security issues

Adjunct Fellow, RES
Area of Expertise:

Human dimensions of environmental change; Climate adaptation and resilience planning; Evaluative research on climate change policies and programs; Social equity in the context of climate change

Director of Alumni Engagement, DEV
Area of Expertise:

Human-Environment Relationship, Organizational Development & Change Leadership, Personal Prototyping & Action Planning, Network Development, Foresighting

Adjunct Senior Fellow, East-West Center
Area of Expertise:

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum; Asia Pacific international relations, economic issues, and security issues; US-Asia policy, trade policy.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Comparative Higher Education; Globalization; Health policy

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Research Program and Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Area of Expertise:

Political economy of US trade policy; US economic relations with Asia; economies of Japan, China and Korea; North Korea and the prospects for Korean unification.

Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Research Program and Director, SAIS Europe, Johns Hopkins University
Area of Expertise:

Economic development in Asia and ASEAN; International economic integration; Asia Pacific regionalism

Adjunct Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Nonproliferation, strategic trade controls, Japan’s foreign and security policy

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and Visiting Professor, Khon Kaen University
Area of Expertise:

Upland development in Vietnam; Environmental perception; Sustainable land use; Global environmental policies.

Emeritus Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Populations of Japan, China, India, Nepal; Below-replacement fertility; Fertility and family planning, and infant and child mortality

Curator, EWC Gallery, Arts Program, Communications & External Relations
Area of Expertise:

Visual and performing arts of Asia and the Pacific; Cultures and arts of Southeast Asia; Asian theatre and puppetry; Balinese performing arts; Indonesian language; Exhibition design and development

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies Waseda University, Tokyo
(+81-3) 3286-3877
Area of Expertise:

Qualitative research on family and gender issues, work/life balance, contemporary Japanese society, anthropology of work, immigration policy.

Senior Fellow and Supervisor of POSCO Fellowship Program, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Northeast Asian political and security issues

Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Interdisciplinary research in: Environmental Risk Analysis; Exposure Assessment; Environmental Health; Air Pollution; Emerging Infectious Diseases, Environmental Justice, Impacts of Peri-urbanization; and Public Perceptions of Environmental Risks