EWC Specialists on the Asia Pacific Region

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Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Interdisciplinary research in: Environmental Risk Analysis; Exposure Assessment; Environmental Health; Air Pollution; Emerging Infectious Diseases, Environmental Justice, Impacts of Peri-urbanization; and Public Perceptions of Environmental Risks

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Office of the President
Area of Expertise:

Asia Pacific international relations; US-Asia defense/ security relations and policy

Curator, EWC Gallery, Arts Program
Area of Expertise:

Art of Asia and the Pacific; South and Southeast Asian culture; Asian theater and puppetry

Adjunct Fellow, Professional Development Program
Area of Expertise:

Geo-economics; international economic policy; gender dynamics; East Asia, China, South Asia

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program and President, Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Century
Area of Expertise:

India-Pakistan Cooperation in Environment and Energy; Nuclear nonproliferation issues: Water and security in South Asia; Energy and global climate change.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

International urbanization and planning issues: water supplies, infrastructure and inequality

Director, AsiaPacificEd Program for Schools
Area of Expertise:

K-12 education on Asia and the Pacific region; Policy and curriculum issues for improved Asia Pacific-related education; Asian American history and related issues

President, East-West Center
Area of Expertise:

Strategic and operational leadership of multicultural organizations; Asia Pacific business and trade; Asian and Western history and philosophy.

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Politics of land use change, resource extraction, and environmental conservation; resources and armed conflict dynamics;  environmental peace building; Chinese investment in Southeast Asia; mainland Southeast Asia, with focus on Burma/Myanmar.


Adjunct Senior Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Chinese culture and identity; The globalization of Chinese cuisine; Politics of national identity in cultural policies.

Fellow, Research Program
Area of Expertise:

Gender issues in Asia and Africa, quantitative analysis of time-use surveys, agricultural development

Director, Office of Development
Office: 808.944.7186 Mobile: 650.296.4987
Area of Expertise:

Social Media marketing, organizational communications, financial management, disaster management, culture change, Pacific Island policy development, Asia industrial policy, and currency & commodity trading.