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Listed below are abstracts of presentations selected for the conference.  They are listed alphabetically by name of the presenting author.  Please note that some abstracts were edited for length and/or clarity.

LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - Abstract Title

AB HAMID, KHAIRUDDIN - Regional Collaboration in Providing ICT Solutions for Rural Development

ABINALES, PATRICIO - Farms with Arms: USAID and the Moro National Liberation Front

ALMEIDA, ROCHELLE - Creating ‘Asian Awareness’ in the Global Workplace: Role of Multi-cultural Literature

AMIDJAYA, IMAT - Killing in the Name of God

BAJRACHARYA, BHISHNA - A Collaborative Approach to Post-earthquake Rebuilding in Nepal

BAJRACHARYA, EDILYN - A Collaborative Approach to Post-earthquake Rebuilding in Nepal

CHANG, ERIC - PANEL OVERVIEW: The EWC Arts Program: Recent Initiatives

CHANG, YU-LING (CHRISTIE) - Global Peace Making Through Technology: Sakyadhita and Its Cloud-Networking

CHEEMA, SHABBIR - PANEL OVERVIEW: Democratic Governance Challenges in Asia-Pacific

CHEEMA, SHABBIR - Role of Media in Promoting Democracy in Pakistan

CHELLVAN, TAMIL - Ethical Dilemma and College Youth Attitudes towards Advertisements

CLARETE, RAMON - Cost of Doing Business and Taxation in the Energy Sector of the Philippines

DEMETERIO, ERLINDA - Interventions in Target Philippine Hospitals/Health Centers

DIAMOND, HEATHER - Indigenizing the Museum

FININ, GERARD - Governance in the Pacific Islands and the U.S. Pivot to Asia-Pacific

FUJIMURA, MANABU - Evaluating Impacts of Economic Corridors in GMS: Three Approaches


GINOZA, RYO - Climatic Difference in Agricultural Ways between the Okinawa Islands and the Philippines

HAMMOND, MARY - PLENARY OVERVIEW: East-West Center Alumni Impacts: Early Careers in Action by Recent Student Alumni

HONG, JANE - U.S. Asian Diasporas in Movements for Korean and Indian Independence

HYUN, JEIK - World Interfaith Harmony: Perspective on Buddhist and Won Buddhist Doctrine

IBRAHIM, MUHAMMAD - Tourism Potential in Pakistan

ISHIJIMA, SUGURU - Climatic Difference in Agricultural Ways between the Okinawa Islands and the Philippines

JUNG, EUN-YOUNG - Consumption, Expectation, and Rejection of K-pop Idols in Japan’s Idol-scape

KANG, TONY - Language FTR and Earnings Management: International Evidence

KHOIRIATI, SITI DAULAH - ASEAN Economic Regionalism: From Japan's Embrace to China's Embrace?

KIM, WON NYON - An Estimation of the Optimal Price of Beer in Korea

KINJO, SEIKO - "Bankoku Shinryo"- Ryukyu as a Bridge Over the World

KOBAYASHI, TOSHIO - Prospects of APC-Okinawa Toward Sustainable Development and Peace

KONG, FAITH SUZZETTE - Keeping the Faith: Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion in ASEAN

KUME, TERUYUKI - Conflict Prevention Dialogue at Asia-Pacific Center of Okinawa

LATHAM, CAROLINE C. - Lost in Translation?…Found in EMP in Okinawa!

LAU, FREDERICK - “Molihua”: The Many Faces of China’s Most Popular Folksong

LENG, LU - The Diverse Culture of Dunhuang and Its Teaching for Education Today

LEWIS, Nancy- PANEL OVERVIEW: Contemporary Development Challenges in the Pacific Islands and Beyond

LIN, SHU-HWA - Motifs in Clothing Design: Comparison of Chinese and Japanese

MAGNO, FRANCISCO - Participatory Planning and Budgeting in the Philippines

MAKINO, YUKARI - Embracing Cultural Gaps in Reasoning with a Transcultural Mental Model

MANOLIU, CECILIA IOANA - Resilience  and Vulnerability at the Interface between Theory and Practice: A Case Study of Japan and Kyrgyzstan

MARQUEZ, LEOREY - An Agent-Based Model of Poverty Incidence in Pasay City

MATSUOKA, JON - PANEL OVERVIEW: Public-Private Partnerships in Times of Disaster

McMULLEN, REBECCA - Professional Development School Experiences and Culturally Responsive Teaching

MEHTO, ZULFIQAR - Pakistan-India River Water Dispute 

MITA, TAKASHI - Community Empowerment for Healthier Lifestyle in Palau: Challenges and Potentials

MIYAGI, MAYUMI - "Bankoku Shinryo"--Ryukyu as a Bridge Over the World

NAKACHI, KIYOSHI - DISCUSSION SESSION OVERVIEW: Proposal for Asia-Pacific Center (APC) in Okinawa

NAKACHI, KIYOSHI - Okinawa is the Best Place for Asia-Pacific Center (APC)

NERY, JOHN - PLENARY OVERVIEW: The Impact of Media and Technology on Building Communities

NISHIKAWA, TOSHIYUKI - Japan's Healthcare Reform in a Comparative Perspective

NITTA, FUMITERU - Japanese War Brides in the U.S. : Socio-cultural Adaptation as Immigrants

OKAMOTO, YUMIKO - Opportunities and Challenges Facing Asia-Pacific in Linking Connectivity and Development

ORDONEZ, REGINA - Looking through the Eyes of Educator Dr. Victor M. Ordonez

PETERS, JOSEPH - Professional Development School Experiences and Culturally Responsive Teaching

PINZON, MARY JANNETTE - Emergent Narratives of the Anak Ng OFWs on Their Self-Perceived Identity

QUEMUEL, CHRISTINE - Illuminating Asian and Pacific Voices: Empowering College Students Through Violence Prevention Work

RAJAMANI, SENGODA GOUNDER - Control of Greenhouse Gas Emission through Bio-Methanation

RAJAMANI, SIVA SAKTHIRAJ - Energy Efficiency Policy Development in Bhutan

RAUCHE, ANTHONY - The “Asian Sound Bridge”: Breaking Boundaries in American Pop Music

RAVAGO, MAJAH-LEAH - The Role of Energy Policy in Economic Development

RODRIGUEZ-AMAYA, DELIA - EWC Scientists: Addressing Food Security

ROUMASSET, JAMES - Principles of Electricity Policy with Philippine Applications

SABIQ, AHMAD - Community Empowerment Issues in Mount Merapi Disaster Site

SALIM, WILMAR - Regional Economic Development in Western Java Before and After Decentralization and Proliferation

SARWONO, SARLITO - Preventing Religious Radicalism in Indonesia

SHEETZ-NGUYEN, JESSICA - Revisiting Okinawa after 70 Years: Retracing a Sad Reality

SHIBUYA, MOMOYO - Learning from the EWC Experiences: In Consideration of its Function in the Asia-Pacific Region

SOPYAN, SOS - Determinants of Fertility among Married Women in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

SUTANTO, JUSUF - PANEL OVERVIEW: Neuroplasticity-based Sports: Converging & Synergizing East & West Paradigms

SUTTON, R. ANDERSON - K-Pop and K-Pop Fandom in Indonesia: Charting a New Musical Geography in Asia

SUTTON, R. ANDERSON - PANEL OVERVIEW: Music Bridging Cultures? Towards an Acoustic Geography of Contemporary Asia

THAMBIPILLAI, PUSHPA - Malaysia:  A Roller-Coaster in Democratic Governance

THORSTEN, MARIE - Reflections on Joint US-Japan War Commemorations

TRIMILLOS, RICARDO - The Micro and the Macro in Constructing an Acoustic Geography of the Philippines

TSUTSUMI, JUN-ICHIRO - Environmental Impact Assessment System in Japan and Okinawa

XU, DI - The New Role of Multicultural Education in the Global Context

YAP, GLENN - Networked Interactive Crystallography Education: A Grassroots Approach to Remote Teaching

YEE, CHO CHO - Matriculation Pass-rate in Rakhine State (2002-12)

ZEHRA, ARFA SAYEDA - Culture Speaks Better Than Politics




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