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Listed below are abstracts of presentations selected for the conference.  They are listed alphabetically by name of the presenting author.  Please note that some abstracts were edited for length and/or clarity.

If there are any discrepancies please contact us at [email protected] immediately.  A booklet containing these abstracts will be provided to conference participants at the time of check-in at the conference.



ADAMS, DEBORAH - Poster: The Argument for Assisting Displaced Persons in Increasingly Insular Societies

ADHIKARYA, RONNY - Impacts of Communication Democratization on Penta-helix Education in the Era of Disruption and Shared-economy

AGOES, IRID - Intercultural Relations in Life, Family and Multinational Business

AHN, CHOONG YONG - Toward an East Asian Economic Community: Prospects and Challenges

ALMEIDA, ROCHELLE - Conflict of Interests: Political Incorrectness and Free Speech in India

ARIANTO, BAMBANG - Poster: Cultural Change Altering Patterns of Disease

BAJRACHARYA, BHISHNA - Can Happy Women Make Happier Cities?

BAJRACHARYA, EDILYN - Can Happy Women Make Happier Cities?

BEISSWENGER, SABINE - Tracing Arrival Neighborhoods in South Korea

CADY, DONA - Gender and the Performance of Personal Cultivation

CHANG, ERIC - Panel Overview: Diverse Arts Programming at the East-West Center

CHIN, MEI LING - Why Leadership Training Program in Companies Could Be a Waste of Time to Develop Next Generation Leadership

DALABAJAN, INESSA NADESHNA - Time- and Labor-saving Equipment as an Approach to Redistributing Unpaid Care Work in the Philippines

DATOR, JAMES ALLEN - New Civilization or No Civilization

DI, XU - Global Ethics Education: Soul Search in Seoul

ENG, ROBERT - When Heaven Burns: The Dreams and Grievances of Hong Kongers

FINCHUM-SUNG, HILARY V. - ‘Bring the Lads by and Let’s Play’: Irish Sessions in Korea

GALLARDO, RITA - Social Innovation in Health Towards Resilient Communities: Policy, Process Recommendations

GANAPATHI, BARANI - Workplace Safety for the Gig Economy in Asia-Pacific

GANAPATHI, JANANI - Open Educational Resources for Mother Tongue Literacy Acquisition

GANAPATHI, NALINA - Understanding Diversity to Achieve Internal Communication in the Workplace

GEZBUL, GONUL - Enhancing Cooperation by Science Diplomacy: The Arctic Model

GORDON, DAVID - Duty First: Pearl S. Buck's Assessments of Japan

HA, JU-YONG - “I’m a New Yorker”: Localization, Globalization and Korean Community Arts in New York City

HARROFF, JOSEPH - Ritual Communities of Interpretation in Confucian Role Ethics

HARTMAN, ANN - Panel Overview: Educating Global Changemakers

HIDASI, JUDIT - The Merits of Multicultural Formations

HONG, SEOK-HYUN - A Road to Peace and Prosperity in Northeast Asia

HUR, CLARA - Humans of East-West Center: a “Human Family”

HYUN, JEIK - Poster: Global Ethics: A Discourse through Korean Won Buddhism

JESPERSEN, CHRISTOPHER - Building an East Asian Program in an Unlikely Location

KARKI, PURNA BAHADUR - Armed Conflict and the Peace Process in Nepal

KHANNA, MONA - Resilience in the Face of Natural Disasters

KILOLU, LAYLA - How to Incorporate Social Equity in Resilience Strategies

KIM, HEE-SIK - Non-Deliverable Currency and Procyclical Capital Flows: Analysis with Australian and Korean Data

KIM, HEE-SUN - From North to South: Diasporic Mediation of Korean Traditional Music

KIM, JAE HAK - Designing Smart Hospitals of the future: A Case of Hospital in Korea

KIM, JINHEE - e-ICON: Promoting Creativity and Collaborative Problem-solving in Today’s

KIM, SOOHYON - What Leads Capital Flow?: Evidence from Korean Bond Market

KNUDSEN, KAREN - Panel Overview: Keeping Up with the News

KWON, KIE WOOK - Features and Significance of 2030 Seoul Community Plan

LAU, FREDERICK - Chinese Rock Music Now: The Case of Second Hand Roses

LEE, BYONGJU - Divergent EME Responses to Global and Domestic Monetary Policy Shocks

LEE, JEONG TAIK - Balanced Notion of Efficiency and Effectiveness as a way forward East-West Intercultural Engagement

LEE, SANG JOON - Implementation Measure for the New Economic Map Initiative of Korea Peninsula

LEE, SUNG WOO - The Ways of Commercialization of Northern Sea Route with 4th Industry Revolution

LIM, SOO KYOUNG - Human-Centered Future Smart City “Solaseado”

LINDSEY, LINDA - Globalization and Gender Equity Patters for Women of Asia

LUI-KWAN, IVAN - Panel Overview: Partnership for Youth: Shaping Community Revitalization and Sustainability

MACLEOD, SCOTT - Panel Overview: Leadership Outreach Initiative (LOI) Information Session

MANICKAM, RADHA AKILANDESHWARI - Novel Method of Training Hearing Impaired Children by Involving the Parents

MANUEL-BARBARICH, ‘OFEINA LANGI - Valuing Culture and Diversity in Building Resilient Communities

MCNALLY, JAMES - Aging in a “Safe” Place: Intelligent Designs for Residential Autonomy

MIYAGI, MAYUMI - Reading Activity for Collaboration and Communication: Developing Students' Collaborative Literacy

MONROE, CHRISTINA - Panel Overview: Meet & Greet the Newest Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) Cohort - Generation 18!

MUNINJAYA, ANAK AGUNG - Tri Hita Karana: Balinese Philosophy in a Global Perspective

NAKACHI, KIYOSHI - Panel Overview: Asia Pacifica Center (APC) Plan in Okinawa

NASREEN, GITIARA - Cinematic Expressions: Migrant experience of Bangladeshi workers in South Korea

NGUYEN, DAVID - Collaborative Adaptation Planning for Coastal Tourism Destinations

NISHIKAWA, TOSHIYUKI - Reviewing Japan’s Unfinished Healthcare Reform: Its Problems and Future Directions

NITTA, FUMITERU - Contemporary Japan at a Crossroad to Multi-ethnic Society?!

OH, JEA SOPHIA - Salim and Women: A Korean Ecofeminist Talk of Empowerment

PARK, JOON - Refining and Exploring Four Pillars of Smart City: ICT, Governance, Sustainability and Decent Urbanization

PENG, YEN-ZHI - Gwangju Uprising in Taiwan’s online discourse: Taiwanese self-reflection about the 228 Massacre in May 18 (2007) and A Taxi Driver (2017)

PETERS, JOSEPH - Rethinking Leadership for Lasting Results

PINZON, MARY JANNETTE - Of Ethnoscapes, Gazes and the Struggle of the Split Self: OFW Inter-cultural Encounters in the Middle East

PULOTU, CHALLIS - Food Resources of the Paradisaea Raggiana along Tropical Forest Corridors within a Savannah Landscape

PURNAMI, NYILO - Developing the Capability on Just Hearing Skill for Leadership Training School

QAZI, ABDUL HAQ YASIR - Poster: Intercultural Rendezvous in the Asia-Pacific Neighborhood through Art & Literature

RAJAMANI, SENGODA GOUNDER - Sustainable Smart City-Development of Wastewater Treatment with Water Recovery

RANGANATHAN, VASANTHI - Years of Korean Tamils Engagement for Economic Development

RAUCHE, ANTHONY T. - Panel Overview: The Global Village Soundscape: A Matrix of Cultural Encounters

RAUCHE, ANTHONY T. - Cultural and Personal Relocation: Music and Identity Today

RAYEJ, MOHAMMAD - Climate Change, Urban Growth and Water Shortages

SAKONG, IL - Korean in the World: Challenges and Opportunities

SCHOEN, ROSLYN - Garments Come to the Village: Geographies of Gender and Regulatory Performativity in a Bangladeshi Garment Factory

SETIABUDHI, TONY - Pancasila (Indonesia Heritage) and Neuro-Science

SHAH, RAHUL - Hall of Entrepreneurship: Office of Half Address

SHEETZ-NGUYEN, JESSICA A. - Flight to Safety among Myanmar’s Ethnic Minority, the Rohingya

SHIBUYA, MOMOYO K. - Communication and Peace in Asia

SHIM, JUNG-SOON - Korean New Women and a Doll’s House in the 1920s

SONG, JUYEON - K-Pop: Not Just Catchy Music, But Driver of Political Change

SUTANTO, JUSUF - Pancasila and Culture of Peace

SUTTON, R. ANDERSON - Style and Value in Performing Arts of the Javanese Courts

TAN, ER-WIN - Looking Past Stereotype Images of North Korean Irrationality

TRIMILLOS, RICARDO D. - Domesticated Religiosity in Pampanga, Philippines: The Lenten Pabasa

TSEVEGJAV, BULGANMURUN - How Green Business Initiatives Practiced Among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Are Contributing to the Global Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

TSUTSUMI, JUNICHIRO - Outline of Asia Pacific Center (APC)

WANG, WEIJIA - Towards an Everyday Smart City: Digital Placemaking in Hong Kong

WIDYANTO, ANTON - The Dilemma of Minorities between Sharia and Human Rights: Study on the Future of LGBTQ in Aceh, Indonesia

WOO, YESEUL - Next Generation Leadership: Re-frame of Leadership Within Asia-Pacific

YAMAZATO, KEIKO - Having That Experience at EWC

YEE, CHO CHO - University at Bagan: 11th to 13th Century

YOUNG, JACKIE EURN HAI - The Humanity Gap: Women, Men and Culture




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