Call for Papers


The deadline for abstract submission was March 31, 2018 and we are no longer accepting abstracts. 

Paper presentations should be related to the conference theme, “Intercultural Engagement in the Asia-Pacific Community” and to one of the following sub-themes:

  • Negotiating Inter-generational Cultural Differences
  • What is/How Do We Achieve Common Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific Community?
  • Reducing Conflict, Enhancing Cooperation and Promotion of a Culture of Peace
  • Strategies for Creating More Resilient Communities
  • How to Create Jobs and to Encourage Economic Development?
  • New Approaches and Technologies for Education
  • Healthy Aging: Designing New Approaches for Long Term Care for the Elderly
  • Next Generation Leadership
  • Empowering Women: Strategies for the Home, Workplace and Community
  • Arts, Language, Culture, History and Identity
  • Made in Korea:  IT and Innovations
  • Entertainment Industry (Pop Culture)/ K-drama
  • Smart Cities and Urban Issues
  • Sustainable Growth

Abstracts with the sub-themes above were solicited and are in the process of being reviewed.  Individual papers will be presented as part of panel, discussion group, poster session, or exhibition/performance session. Sessions will generally be limited to 90 minutes. Individual papers will be summarized into five to seven minute oral presentations. Presenters should NOT read their papers and should be prepared to summarize the key points of their papers in an informal and interesting way.

All presenters are required to register and pay the registration fee in order to have their papers or presentations considered for ­inclusion in the program. If the proposal is not accepted, the registration fee will be returned, if requested. 

Notification of the status of submissions will be emailed in mid-May. 





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