Call for Abstracts and Organized Panel Submissions


Call for abstracts and organized panel submissions

If you are interested in being a presenter at the conference, please ­submit your INDIVIDUAL ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM or ORGANIZED PANEL SUBMISSION FORM by January 31, 2020.  Presentations should be related to the conference theme, “Moving Toward a Sustainable Future in the Asia Pacific.”

Individual abstracts and organized panel submissions are being solicited for the specific sub-themes below:

  • Re-thinking Issues of Gender and Empowerment for a Globalized Future
  • Art and Performance as Signposts for Social Change and Transformation
  • Language Acquisitions, Worldview and Global Citizenship
  • Managing Big Tech: Balancing Privacy, Utility and Accountability
  • New Generation Innovations in Leadership
  • Global Population Movements and Their Implications for Social Discord and Realignment
  • The Future of Journalism:  Fake News and Changing Media Formats
  • Innovations in Education for the Next Generation
  • New Technological Impacts on Learning 
  • Sustainability Regulations and the Impact on Businesses   
  • Challenges for Sustainability: Changing Conditions in the Pacific Islands
  • Urban Climate Resilience:  Challenges and Futures
  • What’s “Smart” about Smart Cities:  Lessons for Cities in the Region
  • “Belt and Road” and Other Models of Development for Future Globalization
  • Sustaining Health and Well-being
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Transformative Force, Applications and Implications of AI
  • Six Decades of EWC Alumni:  Inspiration Across the Generations for Sustainable Futures
  • Emerging Models of Alternate Energy Production
  • Future Regional Hot Spots
  • Diplomatic Roundtable in the Asia Pacific Region:  Tensions and Implications of Globalization vs. Regionalism for the Region 
  • Planetary Boundaries for the Future We Want by 2030 - Status Quo, Sustainable or Regenerative


Individual abstracts will be organized into presentation sessions.

Organized panel submissions should include an identified moderator/chair and panel presenters.   All moderators and panel presenters listed in the organized panel submission must be registered for the conference.

Only abstracts are being accepted.  No paper submissions will be accepted or will be required.

The East-West Center does not provide funds for Conference participants. Each participant is responsible for his/her own expenses and is required to register and pay the registration fee in order to have his/her proposal considered for acceptance.  If the proposal is not accepted, the registration fee will be returned, if requested.

Available Formats:

Panel Session Format

Each panel is allotted a total of 90 minutes. Approximately one hour will be available for all the presentations. The specific amount of time available to each panelist will vary depending on the number of panelists and will be coordinated by the assigned Chair/Moderator. In general, each panelist should plan to speak for about 10 – 15 minutes. Please speak informally and do not read your paper.  The final 20 - 30 minutes should be available for questions and answers from the audience. 

Role of Chair/Moderator - Responsible for coordinating the panel presentation. Contacts each speaker well in advance of the conference and goes over the session considering ways the individual presentations can be integrated together, stressing the common threads that tie the different presentations together. Makes sure that each presentation contributes to the overall topic of the panel. Begins the session, briefly introducing the topic and setting the stage. Introduces each speaker, monitors the time, and keeps speakers to the time limit. Coordinates the question and answer time and has some questions ready to begin the discussion if there are no immediate questions from the audience.

Poster/Exhibition Display Format

Poster/exhibition displays give you the opportunity to interact informally with professional peers who are interested in your work. The purpose of your poster/exhibit is to (1.) visually stimulate interest in your work; (2.) present enough information for viewers to understand the methods, results, and significance of your work; and (3.) facilitate conversations and networking among conference participants.

Poster/exhibition displays are unlike the standard paper presentation format. Participants present their topic utilizing a visual display positioned on a poster board. The poster/exhibit usually combines a brief narrative paper with tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats. The presenter is provided assigned time during the conference to accompany his/her display and is provided the opportunity for other conference participants to view the presentation and interact with him/her. Audiovisual aids are not available for poster/exhibition displays.

Discussion Session Format

Designed to facilitate discussion around a shared topic, issue, or action, this format is an informal gathering of individuals to exchange ideas, information, and suggestions on needs, problems, etc., of a particular topic.  Sessions are allotted a total of 90 minutes. 

Demonstration/Workshop Session Format

Format used to provide a demonstration about a particular skill, subject and/or topic. It may often involve problem-solving, hands-on training, and requires the involvement of the participants.  A facilitator sets the agenda, poses opening questions, and organizes participant activities and discussions. For example, the session can focus on specific skill development, problem-solving, or work and conversation on particular issues.  Sessions are allotted a total of 90 minutes. 

Performance Session Format

This format provides the opportunity for performance-based engagement, with special interest in innovative approaches. Sessions must include ample opportunity for discussion and feedback.  Sessions are allotted a total of 90 minutes. 

Submit your:

Deadline is January 31, 2020




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