COVID-19 Safety Policy


COVID-19 Safety Policy

As of June 2022

The East-West Center and East-West Center Association are looking forward to meeting or reuniting with you at our upcoming conference. While we are excited about the opportunity to meet in-person once again, we are also working very hard to make sure we will have a safe conference environment. We will be diligent in following all local, state, and federal (CDC) guidelines for pandemic precautions. In addition, the Hawai’i Convention Center has their own precautions and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. These can be reviewed here.

Here are some specific safety policies we will have in place at the conference:

  • Participants MUST provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. COVID-19 testing in lieu of vaccination will not be an option.
  • Mask MUST be worn during ALL conference activities (sessions, transportation, etc.). Due to the current increase in COVID-19 cases, participants are responsible for bringing a N95, KN95, or KF94 mask and wearing it throughout the entire conference. Other requirements like testing and temperature checks may be required at the conference to respond to the environment at that time. 
  • Conference rooms and receptions will be arranged to allow for social distancing.

If it is determined unsafe to convene the conference in-person, the conference may be changed to an entirely virtual format or the conference may be postponed or cancelled. If the conference is cancelled for this reason, registration fees collected will be refunded. We will assess the situation and determine if the conference will continue as planned in early June.

In the case that a participant tests positive for COVID-19 during the in-person conference, it will be the responsibility of the participant to cover any expenses incurred and follow all COVID-19 protocols.  

In order to attend and participate in-person, you must agree to the EAST-WEST CENTER COVID-19 ASSUMPTION OF RISK, LIABILITY WAIVER, AND RELEASE OF 
and comply with this COVID-19 Safety Policy.





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