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Congratulations to our outstanding alumni and EWCA chapters for embracing the mission of the East-West Center (EWC) and East-West Center Association (EWCA) to promote better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific.

Join us as we present awards for the 2022 EWC Distinguished Alumni, EWCA Outstanding Chapter, EWCA Outstanding Volunteer, and EWCA 21st Century Outstanding Service during the 2022 EWC/EWCA International Conference, June 30-July 1. The Alumni Award Presentation Luncheon will be on June 30th from 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM (HST) at the Hawai’i Conventions Center. Attend in person by registering here. Not able to attend in person?  Participate via our virtual track, it's free!  Select "Virtual Track Registration".


EWC Distinguished Alumni Award

Recognizes outstanding accomplishments, including significant contributions to the promotion of better relations and understanding among the peoples of Asia, the Pacific, and the United States; significant achievement in the career field; and continuing support for the goals and objectives of the East-West Center. The 2022 EWC Distinguished Alumni Award recipients are:

Alan C MillerALAN C. MILLER (Communication, MA in Political Science 1976-1978) is the recipient of the 2022 EWC Distinguished Alumni Award for the demonstrated excellence and achievements in his initial and second careers, which are both worthy of recognition. Building on the skills and cross-cultural experience he gained at the Center, he has demonstrated integrity, determination, vision, creativity, courage and professional commitment to journalism and education and remained supportive of the goals of the Center.

Miller spent 29 years as an award-winning journalist, most of them as an investigative reporter in the Washington bureau of the Los Angeles Times. His work prompted numerous investigations by the Justice Department, Congress, and inspectors general in federal agencies and led to congressional hearings, reforms, and criminal convictions. Miller received more than a dozen state and national reporting honors, including the George Polk Award, the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting, and the Investigative Reporters and Editors Medal for breaking the 1996 Democratic National Committee campaign finance scandal. His “Vertical Vision” series on the Marine Corps Harrier attack jet won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. 

Miller left the Los Angeles Times in 2008 to start the News Literacy Project (NLP), a nonpartisan national education nonprofit that creates resources and programs for educators and the general public to teach and learn how to determine what news and other information to trust and give people the ability to be equal, informed and engaged participants in democracy. In the process, he helped found the field of news literacy. NLP is now the leading provider of news literacy education nationally, if not globally. Most recently, Miller and NLP have been working to expand the News Literacy Project’s work with the general public in the U.S. It has also worked with journalists and educators in Asia and around the world to combat the global pandemic of misinformation. 

Miller continues to support the goals and objectives of the Center by participating in Center events and remains in touch with Center friends and colleagues.


Gandolar PurevjayGANDOLGOR PUREVJAV (Changing Faces Women’s Leadership 2014), is a well-respected woman leader, best-selling author, HR consultant, Life coach, and mentor in Mongolia who incorporates EWC values through her expansion of services with Ganabell Institute of Success. She has transformed the field of coaching, mentoring and delivery of a successful service to not only the private sector, but HR professionals, public sector leaders, effective management advisory services, as well as reaching out to the most rural and remote youth throughout Mongolia on education empowerment.

Purevjav assisted with the launch of the EWCA Ulaanbaatar Chapter in 2019 with the US Embassy in Mongolia and continues her contributions to the promotion of better relations and understanding of the East-West Center. Since the launch, she initiated the Adaptive Leadership Program with the EWC and Ganabell Institute, increasing the membership of the EWCA Ulaanbaatar Chapter with an additional 110 members across 21 provinces of Mongolia. Based on the initiative, she continued with more innovative programs including Adaptive Leadership Program 2 and 3 launched in 2021 and 2022 as an EWC Innovation Fellow, as well as Digital School Lab and Adaptive Teenagers Program which expands the outreach of information about the EWC and the local Chapter.

EWCA Outstanding Volunteer Award

Recognizes outstanding alumni volunteers who have provided significant contributions to the programs and activities of the East-West Center Association. The 2022 EWCA Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient is:

Keiko YamazatoProfessor Emerita of Okinawa Christian University, KEIKO YAMAZATO (Institute for Student Interchange, MA in TESL 1968-1970). She served as president of the EWCA Okinawa Chapter from 2012 to 2016 spearheading a fundraising campaign among the Okinawa alumni to establish the Center's EWCA Okinawa Chapter Endowment fund in 2013. Under her leadership with steering committee members and the Okinawa Chapter alumni, Yamazato led the successful 2014 EWC/EWCA International Conference in Okinawa, as more than 400 people gathered in Okinawa. She visited chapters in Japan to request their help and the local governments—both that of the prefecture and Naha City—supported the conference financially. As the president of the Okinawa Chapter, she always diligently submitted a quarterly report to share the chapter member activities with EWC alumni around the world. Yamazato also served on the EWCA Executive Board from 2013 to 2020.

Yamazato spent her career as a college professor at Okinawa Christian Junior College, Okinawa Christian University, and its graduate school, sending former students to the East-West Center under the Obuchi Student Scholarship and to other schools on the US mainland, England, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Taiwan for their studies. These former students are now professors, part-time college instructors, secondary school teachers, counselors, scholars, office workers, and teachers working both outside and inside of Okinawa.

As a member of the Board of the Okinawa Hawaiʻi Association, Yamazato firmly believes in the importance of an international exchange between Okinawa and Hawaiʻi. She has met governors of Hawaiʻi and participated in the Hawaiʻi Okinawa Festival. Her efforts have resulted in maintaining a good relationship between the community of Hawaiʻi and that of Okinawa.


EWCA 21st Century Outstanding Service Award

Recognizes East-West Center participants whose initial involvement in an EWC program began during or after 2000 and have provided outstanding services to the community. The 2022 EWCA 21st Century Outstanding Service Award recipient is:

Ramy Inocencio

RAMY INOCENCIO (Asia Pacific Leadership Program 2009-2010, Asia Pacific Journalism Fellow 2019) has two decades of experience reporting across Asia, America and Europe and just landed in London as CBS News’ new foreign correspondent covering Europe and the Middle East.

Prior to London, Inocencio served as CBS News’ Asia correspondent based in Beijing from 2019 to 2021. He was the first U.S. network correspondent to report from Wuhan, China just as the COVID-19 global pandemic broke out in January 2020, then reported from South Korea and Japan following the spread of the virus and subsequently stranded in Japan for half a year as international borders shut. He also provided rolling coverage from Hong Kong of the entirety of the 2019 pro-democracy protests from the frontlines, enduring tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. Other notable coverage includes reporting from Seoul, South Korea on North Korea's continual launching of ballistic missiles and failed attempts at denuclearization, as well as from White Island, New Zealand and Taal in the Philippines on two volcanic disasters.

Before joining CBS News, Inocencio was a New York-based anchor and correspondent for Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia. At Bloomberg Television, he covered the first face-to-face summit between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping from Mar-a-Lago, reported from Paris on the 2016 Bastille Day terror attack and traveled across the United States in 2015 for Wiring the World, his technology innovation series. He also anchored for Bloomberg Radio and launched two daily podcasts on US-Asia Pacific economic and financial ties. While in New York, he was the President of the EWCA New York Chapter from 2016-2019.

Prior to Bloomberg, Inocencio was the Wall Street Journal's Deputy Asia-Pacific Editor for video streaming operations and host of the WSJ's weekly technology show Digits in Hong Kong.  He was also CNN International's Asia business correspondent based in Hong Kong and CNN's NASDAQ reporter in New York City.

After graduating from the College of William and Mary in Virginia (’99), Inocencio first went to China as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in 2000 teaching environmental science to college students in rural Sichuan province. He later worked at the World Wildlife Fund in Beijing, as a national drive-time DJ for China Radio International, and as a TV host for CCTV International.

He remains active with the East-West Center and East-West Center Association and co-emceed the 2021 EWC/EWCA International Virtual Conference.


EWCA Outstanding Chapter Award

Recognizes outstanding EWCA Chapters which have provided significant contributions to the goals and programs of the EWCA. The 2022 EWCA Outstanding Chapter Award recipient is:

EWCA Southern California Chapter

EWCA Southern California Chapter, led by a committed group of individuals who support the mission of the Center and the goals of the EWCA. The Chapter has a track record that is decades long, exemplifying the talents and passions of EWC associates, under the leadership of Reynaldo Garay, Christine Sutow, Claire Langham, and currently Inge Maranto.

The Chapter utilized EWCA Chapter Development funds to hold a hybrid conference on September 11-12, 2021 in Orange, California. The Chapter’s vision for the conference was to gain insight into how the EWC experience impacted members’ lives, professionally and personally, seeing transformational inclusion in relationships, communities, and organizations. Two days of presentations documented the contributions of EWC alumni associates since the early 1960s to raise awareness for respect and to encourage protection of all people who live on the Indo-Pacific Rim. The documentation process was intended to enable knowledge transfer to the Center by collecting career information on 28 Associates and 19 one-minute video testimonials, to aid in future marketing efforts and program assessment. This hybrid conference demonstrated statewide cooperation of the associates and also intergenerational cooperation, since younger members shared their technical expertise with social media to facilitate new communication platforms that will have a variety of benefits for members, the chapter’s expansion of influence and, ultimately, greater brand visibility for the EWC and its sustainability.

The Chapter has been pro-active in supporting donations annually to the EWC Wall of Honor for scholarships to enable more participants to attend EWC programs. 


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