EWC Student Services

The EWCA provides a variety of services and support for current EWC students, including scholarships, recruiting, mentoring, networking, and travel grants.

Scholarships - Through its alumni fundraising efforts, the EWCA provides scholarships to qualified students who could not otherwise afford to participate in the Center's student program.

Recruiting - Individual alumni as well as chapters support the East-West Center's efforts to involve well-qualified students in its programs by helping to identify students, encouraging students to apply, spreading the word about the Center to potential students, and organizing predeparture send-offs for new students preparing to go to the Center.

Mentoring - The EWCA Mentoring Program is offered by the EWC Alumni Association (EWCA) with support from the Friends of EWC. It was started by a group of Alumni in 1997 and officially adopted by the EWC Alumni Office in 1998. The Program provides an excellent opportunity for EWC students to link with local alumni and other professionals and work toward strengthening their career interests. The mentoring experience allows the participant to observe and apply leadership, organizational, and communication skills in a multicultural environment.

Networking - Alumni volunteers throughout the region help traveling students by providing local hospitality, introducing them to professional organizations, welcoming them to local EWCA chapters, providing them with advice to assist them in adjusting to new locations, and helping them locate internships.

Travel Grants - The EWCA provides travel grants for students to make presentations at professional conferences, to accept internships away from the Center, and to carry out field research required to complete their degree requirements.