EWCA - Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP)
Region : Constituent/Special Interest




Chapter Contact



Chapter Leader

Ms. Melissa Pawneshing
(APLP 2010)
Los Angeles, California, USA
Cell: 562-301-2343






Chapter Officers and Representatives for 2017-2019

President - Melissa Pawneshing (G10)
Vice President - Ofeina Manuel Barbarich (G13)
Secretary - Elizabeth Milo (G16)
Alumni Relations - Blaine Baldwin (G5)
APLP Staff Liaison - Christina Monroe (G4)
Communications - Scott Coates (G11)
Fundraising - Rutchelle Enriquez (G3)
Generation Representatives - Cristina Veran (G7), Shawn Hall (G8), Azadeh Davari (G9), Hafizur Rahman (G12), Genie Nguyen (G14), Ajita (G15)


Chapter Information

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