EWCA - Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP)
Region : Constituent/Special Interest




Chapter Contact

Chapter Leader

Ramnath Chandrasekhar Krishnamoorthy

Mr. Ramnath Chandrasekhar Krishnamoorthy
(APLP 2017-2018)
Co-founder & Director
Youth Conservation Action Network
Tamil Nadu, India
Cell:  (91) 9840063381
Email: [email protected]


APLP Generational Representatives 2021-2023:
G1   Open
G2   Thinley Choden
G3   Jonathan Jacobs
G4   Open
G5   Mai Rattanavong
G6   Dolgor Baasansuren
G7   Cho Cho Yee
G8   Nais Sampaco
G9   Colleen Corrigan
G10 Trevor Ranges
G11  R. M. Harshini de Silva Pandithasekera
G12  Loan Le
G13  Ofeina Manuel Barbarich
G14  Sharanya Dilip
G15  Neha Sinha
G16  Open
G17  Ram Nathh Chandra
G18  Kim Chua
G19  Ariana Loehr

APLP Alumni Executive Board, 2021-2023:
President - Ramnath Chandrasekhar G17 rep
Vice-President- Ariana Loehr  G19 rep
Secretary - Mai Rattanavong G5 rep        
Communications Chair - Sharanya Dilip  G14 rep
Alumni Relations Chair - Harshini Pandithasekera G11 rep


Chapter Information

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