EWCA - Korea (Seoul)

Region : East Asia
City : Seoul
Country : Korea



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Prof. Won Nyon Kim



Chapter Leader
Prof. Won Nyon Kim
(POP 81-84)
Korea University
Seoul, Korea
Phone: 82-10-9237-7011








Dr. Kwang-Ho Meng, MD, PhD,
Dr. Dae Kyung Kwack, PhD,
Dr. Jay Chun Park, PhD,
Dr. Wee Sup Song, PhD,
Dr. Byung Moo Yang, PhD,
Dr. Seok Hoon Yoo, PhD,
Dr. Sun Lee, PhD,
Dr. Jung Taek Lee, PhD,
Dr. Deuk Pyo Hong, PhD,
Dr. Seong Kwon Kim, PhD,
Dr. Hyun Woo Kim, PhD,
Dr. Young Soo Shin, PhD,
Dr. Kwang Seok Lee, PhD,

Chapter Information

The East-West Center (EWC), East-West Center Association (EWCA), and EWCA Seoul Chapter are organizing the upcoming 2018 EWC/EWCA International Conference scheduled to take place in Seoul August 23-25, 2018. Join us at the conference!

Seoul Conference website
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Mrs. Daisy Lee Yang, who was born, educated in Hawaii and is living in Seoul, recently published an English novel "Lady Bora from Diamond Mountain."  Professor Sin Pyo Kang translated an English book on life stories of some Koreans and Korean culture written by an American anthropologist.  Professor and honorary president of EWCAK, Myoung Seok Park, said that his foundation had donated a $200,000 scholarship to Duk Seong Women's University in Seoul for leadership education of the  African young women. Selected students from Africa will come each year to be educated at the university.  Some alumni members will be visiting the Korean Studies Center next to the EWC grounds on the UH campus for a special conference in October 2015. A New Year’s get-together will be held in Seoul in March or April, 2015.

Dr. Soon Kwon Park (nicknamed Dr. Corn), EWC alum of 1970s, is now working in Sanya, Hainan Province, China. He has been testing about 20,000 different seeds in China and 3000 seeds in North Korea for making improvements to them.  Previously, he worked in Nigeria and has been successful in alleviating grain shortage there. Since then, he has been working in North Korea and China, while teaching at Kyoungbook University, Korea.   He has been nominated five times as a Nobel Peace prize candidate.

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