EWCA - Seoul

Region : East Asia
City : Seoul
Country : Korea



Chapter Contact





Prof. Won Nyon Kim



Chapter Leader
Prof. Won Nyon Kim
(POP 81-84)
Korea University
Seoul, Korea
Phone: 82-10-9237-7011
Email: [email protected]








Dr. Kwang-Ho Meng, MD, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Dae Kyung Kwack, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Jay Chun Park, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Wee Sup Song, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Byung Moo Yang, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Seok Hoon Yoo, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Sun Lee, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Jung Taek Lee, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Deuk Pyo Hong, PhD
Dr. Seong Kwon Kim, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Hyun Woo Kim, PhD, [email protected]
Dr. Young Soo Shin, PhD
Dr. Kwang Seok Lee, PhD


Chapter Information

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