EWCA - Tokyo

Region : East Asia
City : Tokyo
Country : Japan




Chapter Leader

Dr. Yasuo Hoshino
(OG 1970-71)
Professor Emeritus
The University of Tsukuba
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Board Members

Dr. Yasuo Hoshino (OG, MA 1970-71), Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba

Mr. Masayuki Yokota (OG, MArch 1981-82) Advisor, NTT Facilities, Inc.
Dr. Matori Yamamoto (CLI, JDR 1978-181), Professor, Hosei University

Ms. Chie Hashimoto (APLP 2006-07), Richemont Japan Limited, in charge of programs
Ms. Hitomi Yokote (APLP 2009-10), International Christian University, in charge of programs
Ms. Misato Matsuda (APLP 2015-16), in charge of programs
Dr. Michiko Yamashita (RSI, MA 1976-1978), Society of Researchers for International Development, in charge of accounting
Ms. Kaoru Matsuda (CI, RI/MA 1978-81), President, Matsuda International Social Insurance & Labor Consulting
Ms. Kazuko Tonoike (PI, MA 1978-81)

Dr. Kazuhiko Takemoto (EAPI, RI 1978-79) Director, United Nations University

Main Activities

General Meeting

Send-off parties for new Japanese participants leaving for Hawaii to attend EWC programs

Receptions for visitors from EWC and EWCA of other countries

Study meetings on various topics

Networking events

Chapter Information

To view this Chapter's quarterly activity reports, go to the EWCA Blog and search on "Chapter Reports."