EWCA - Colombo

Region : South Asia
City : Colombo
Country : Sri Lanka



Chapter Contact


Chapter Leader
Dr. Asanga Tilakaratne
(OG 84-86)
Professor and Coordinator, Pali and Buddhist Studies
University of Colombo
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: 94-11-205-5487
Cell: 94-71-643-5966
Email: [email protected]

Communication Liaison
Ms. R. M. Harshini de Silva
(APLP 2011-12)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Cell: +94-77-7623991
Email: [email protected]

Chapter Board and Members


Chapter Board
President:  Prof. Asanga Tilakaratne
Immediate Past President:  Mr. S. B. Bandusena
Vice President: Mr. W.A. Siriwardena (Email: [email protected])
Secretary : Ms. R. M. Harshini de Silva
Treasurer: Mr. H.P. Susiripala (Email: [email protected])

Board Members
Mr. D. Chandrasekera
Ms. D. M. Celine Athukorala
Mr. N. D. Dickson
Mr. R. S. Wijewansa

Upcoming Events

The proposed publication of booklet containing major accomplishments of the EWCA - Colombo Chapter is ongoing.

Chapter Information

To view this Chapter's quarterly activity reports, go to the EWCA Blog and search on "Chapter Reports."