EWCA - Islamabad

Region : South Asia
City : Islamabad
Country : Pakistan



Chapter Contact

Chapter Leader

Dr. Arjumand Faisel
(OG 87-88)
Gallery 6
Second Floor, Al Abraaj Center
Block 15, Super Market
F-6, Islamabad, 44000  Pakistan
Phone: 0333-513-4715, 92-51-2825738
E-mail:  [email protected]

Chapter Board/Committee Members

President: Dr. Arjumand Faisel
Vice President: Mr. Syed Abu Ahmad Akif
General Secretary: Ms. Tayyaba Naheed Gul
Media Officer: Mr. Riaz Burki
Finance Officer: Mr. Asad Ghuffran

There are currently 10 active members in the Pakistan (Islamabad) Chapter.

Chapter Information

Established in 2006, the Chapter has made substantial efforts towards boosting collaboration between the EWC and Pakistan.

Dan Berman - the past EWCA President - paid a working visit to the Foreign Office and Higher Education Commission. Mr. Berman also visited art galleries and musical events, examining opportunities for the possible organization of a performance of Pakistani artists and art exhibition at the EWC, which has been arranged and tentatively scheduled for April 2008.

Dow University of Health Sciences (DUH) and the EWC were linked for planning and sending 25 individual for PhD study at EWC with DUH funds.

The Chapter made a donation of Rs. 50,000 (US$ 835) to an NGO working for physical and psychological rehabilitation of earthquake victims. In addition, medicines worth 1500 Canadian dollars was collected and donated to another NGO operating clinics for the major orphanage "Ashiaana" - which is home to 450 children who became orphans after the natural disaster in October 2005. Chapter members distributed gifts, socialized with the children there, and organized theatre performances for them. The Chapter also initiated a program about informing civil society about measures to minimize hazardous effects of earthquakes, as a large part of Pakistan is within the earthquake zone.

The activities of the Chapter have been reported in leading English newspapers and given substantial space.

To view this Chapter's quarterly activity reports, go to the EWCA Blog and search on "Chapter Reports."

A group of 16 artists led by the curator of Gallery6 and EWCA Islamabad Chapter Leader, Dr. Arjumand Faisel, attended a retreat in Naran to produce artworks that would help create awareness on climate change issues. The purpose of the retreat was to development visual art work that can subsequently be used to create awareness about factors leading to climate change and its resultant negative impacts. The retreat was jointly sponsored by PTDC, Civil Society Coalition for Climate Change, Snow Leopard Foundation, Gallery6 and East West Center Association, Islamabad Chapter.

Dr. Faisel provided technical guidance throughout the retreat. Participants captured landscapes depicting biodiversity, natural environmental, vulnerability to disasters, degradation of land, deforestation, and a host of other subjects related to climate change. The retreat also offered participants a rare opportunity to interact with local people and to hear them voicing their concerns on relevant issues.

In conjunction with the retreat, special activities included cleaning selected places with the participation of artists and visiting tourists; to spread messages (through social media) advocating and urging visitors not to litter; and also to pick up the mess spread by others. Participants carrying biodegradable bags picked up non-degradable garbage from the banks of Lulusar Lake on August 2 and Saiful Muluk Lake on August 4. Families and groups picnicking at the lakes and locals joined the effort and started collecting garbage. Many visitors took pictures to upload on social media to spread the message; some made videos and interviewed group members to upload on their pages or blogs. The group gave the activity the slogan 'Hamara Pakistan - Saaf Pakistan,' or 'Our Pakistan, clean Pakistan' which appealed not only to the visitors but also to area locals.