EWCA - Bali

Region : Southeast Asia
City : Bali
Country: Indonesia

Established in 1980, the EWCA-Indonesia chapter currently maintains a 1000 alumni membership.

There are three branches to EWCA-Indonesia Chapter: Bali, Jakarta, and Aceh. The Jakarta serves as the core leadership chapter. However, each has an EWCA chapter leader and is recognized by the EWC Associates Office and EWCA. The three work closely together to ensure optimum success for the EWCA in Indonesia.

As a result of good leadership, collaboration, and planning, EWCA-Indonesia has organized some of the EWCA's most successful international and regional conferences. In 1988, EWCA-Bali hosted the EWCA International Conference, which drew over 600 alumni from around the world to participate. In addition, an EWCA Regional Conference was hosted by EWCA-Yogjakarta in 1989 which focused on resource issues and brought over 100 participants from the region. In 2008, the EWCA Bali Chapter hosted again the EWCA International Conference.

The members of EWCA-Indonesia have sent representatives to participate in the EWCA International Conferences held in the U.S.(1985), Thailand (1991), India (1997), Manila (1999), Honolulu (2000), and Tokyo (2004).



Chapter Contact







Chapter Leader
Prof. Anak Agung Gde Muninjaya, MD, MPH
(ICC 84-86, POP 94)
Center for Health Services Management
Faculty of Medicine
Udayana University
P.B. Sudirman str. Denpasar
Bali, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 262227
Fax: +62 361 226346
Cell: +62 361 81 138 5087
E-mail: [email protected]





Goals for the Chapter
  • To participate in promoting the role of the intellectual in professional development;
  • To maintain communication among alumni through professional programs such as seminars, workshops, and a professional network;
  • To increase participation of EWC alumni in Indonesia in EWC activities;
  • To fulfill these goals, EWCA-Bali Chapter has hosted EWC Presidents and key staff members;
  • To financially support selected EWC students and assisted fellow alumni family members in promoting their education;
  • and to hold bi-monthly meeting of the Jakarta Board.


Chapter Information

To view this Chapter's quarterly activity reports, go to the EWCA Blog and search on "Chapter Reports."