2004 International Conference, Tokyo, Japan
Theme: "New Challenges for Building an Asia-Pacific Community"

August 2-4, 2004

Tokyo, Japan


East-West Center Alumni Gather in Tokyo

More than 375 East-West Center alumni from 25 countries in Asia, the Pacific, North America and Europe gathered at Nihon University College of Economics in Tokyo August 2-4 for the EWC/East-West Center Association 2004 International Conference.

Focusing on “New Challenges for Building an Asia pacific Community,” the conference featured plenary session topics including Japan’s Lost Decades: Recession and Its Impact on the Region; Population Trends in Asia; Changing Dynamics of International Relations in the Region; and Education Initiatives in the 21st Century.

Panel presentations and roundtable discussions addressed significant regional topics such as economic integration, women’s issues, challenges of aging populations, regional security, single-country political issues sustainable development and health issues.

“The East-West Center is perhaps the Asia Pacific region’s most venerable educational and research institution,” said EWC President Charles E. Morrison, who delivered the keynote address during the opening ceremony. “From its beginnings in 1960 it was explicitly tasked with building understanding and relations across the Asia Pacific. It has developed a successful model of international collaboration, bringing the best ideas from East and West to bear on the challenges of mutual concern.”

President Morrison further said that the EWC international alumni conferences are “a remarkable demonstration of the East-West Center’s ability to create close, personal comradery, strong professional ties, and a dedicated commitment to community-building among people form very different cultures, professions, and age groups around Asia and the Pacific.”

“Only a special event like the EWC/East-West Center Association’s International Conference, would bring 375 people to Tokyo for a week in the heat of August. The event was significant to both the Japanese and to a rapidly changing EWC. It provided a focus for Japanese alumni support of the EWC. Japanese historically represent the largest number of Asia pacific participants in Center programs. This was only the second alumni conference in the 44-year history of the EWC to be held in Japan."

– Dan Berman, EWCA President


EWC President Charles E. Morrison honored by Alumni

East-West Center President Charles E. Morrison was honored as the first recipient of the “East-West Center Association Distinguished Leader Award” in a heartfelt ceremony during the opening of the conference on August 2.

President Morrison was recognized for providing outstanding and forward looking leadership for the East-West Center; providing a vision for the Center to promote a stable, peaceful, and prosperous Asia Pacific Community; rebuilding the Center into a vibrant community with increasing numbers of students and substantially increased resources; encouraging by deeds and meaningful alumni involvement in the current and evolving mission and program of the East-West Center; consistently supporting EWCA alumni concerns, projects and interests, and promoting, welcoming, and respecting diversity of opinions in political, economic, and social issues of concern to the East-West Center’s international constituency.


EWC Board of Governors meet in Tokyo/ EWCA Chapter Leaders hold workshop

Coinciding with the EWC/EWCA International Conference, the East-West Center Board of Governors held its business meeting in Tokyo. Board members used this opportunity to sit in on major portions of the conference and interact with the alumni. Board members and alumni exchanged ideas and got to know each other over informal breakfast and luncheon gatherings.

EWCA chapter leaders from 25 nations met in a pre-conference workshop to address the challenges of serving and linking the broad spectrum of new and older alumni, recruiting alumni for EWC programs, developing projects which service their local communities and exploring ways to support EWC student scholarship programs. Nick Barker, EWC coordinator for the Asia Pacific Leadership Program, facilitated the workshop for the chapter leaders.


EWC President, Charles E. Morrison's Address

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