EWC/EWCA South Asia Regional Conference, New Delhi, India
Dates : November 16-18, 2005

Venue : India Habitat Center, Lodi Road, New Delhi, India

Theme : "Building a South Asia Community in a Global Context"


East-West Center Holds Regional Conference in New Delhi

Some of South Asia's best and brightest gathered in New Delhi, India, to discuss the building of the South Asia community in a global context.

The three-day conference began on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at the India Habitat Center and was held under the auspices of the East-West Center (EWC) and the East-West Center Association (EWCA) in cooperation with the U.S. Educational Foundation in India (USEFI). Over 160 EWC alumni from 10 different countries, along with an EWC delegation headed by the Center's president Charles E. Morrison, explored the major issues facing the region and considered possible resolutions.

Dr. Morrison said the conference was timely given the rapidly changing political and economic environment the regions faced today. Larry Foster, president of the EWCA, applauded the work done by the South Asia chapters of the EWC alumni organization noting, they had put together an outstanding program including thought-provoking panels and plenary sessions.

The gathering featured speakers and various presentations from throughout South Asia, the Center's Honolulu headquarters and its Washington office. Some of the issues up for discussion included health, disaster management, economic development, gender, energy, government policies, arts and culture, the media, and education. The three-day conference also served as an important venue for participants to network and to build bridges between the region's diverse cultures.

The sponsoring organizations also held two public events on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at the India International Center. The first was an informational program aimed especially at students and young scholars interested in opportunities afforded by the East-West Center in Honolulu. At the second event, Dr. Morrison addressed the EWC's multinational and collaborative research activities.

Since the Center's founding in Honolulu in 1960, more than 1,900 Indian professionals, researchers and students have joined others from some 50 countries as participants in EWC programs. India has four EWC alumni chapters, which are part of the international network with past affiliation with the Center. Many Indian and other EWC alumni occupy key positions in government, business, journalism, and education throughout the South Asia region, continuing to contribute to global understanding.


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