Closing of the 2003 EWC Reunion and Conference
18 November 2003 9:00 pm, Keoni Room

Final words

Well, look at us. We are the 60s grantees, not only the first but also the best! We have done it again. Ours is the first alumni reunion for our decade--and of course it's the best! Seriously I think we have set the bar pretty high for the alumni of other decades to follow.

We have called ourselves pioneers, and in many ways we continue to be. We have begun something with this reunion. But we must rely on others to carry on. Like the elders of any traditional society, we can continue to provide the support, the experience and the advice. However it is for others now to run the race for us.

If our second generation panel is any indication, we can be reassured that there are many that can run the race and continue to carry our torch for us.

In these few days together, we have looked back to our joys of our student days and we have looked forward to the promise of our blood children and our EWC children, our 2nd generation in blood and in spirit.

Now we deserve to also look at the present. Here we are, rich in our experiences, our memories and in our fellowship with one another.

Could I ask all those who arrived in 1961 to stand and move to the edges of the room. In 1962. In 1963. In 1964. In 1965. In 1966. In 1967. In 1968. In 1969.

We are the pioneer 'ohana, the 60s family, the Golden Age of the EWC, the Golden People.

Look around at the people who are still seated. These are our helpmates, our loved ones, and in many cases our legacy for the future. (Ditas, begin "Maori Farewell" in G). May I ask all of you to please stand with us. All of us together are the 2003 East West Center reunion.

[Sing "Maori Farewell" and segue hui of "Aloha 'Oe" 2X]

Ricardo D. Trimillos, 18 November 2003