Distinguished Alumni Awardees, 2000 - 2008



Dr. Riley K. Lee
Sound of Bamboo
New South Wales, Australia
(ICC: MA Music, 84-86)


Dr. Kuldeep Mathur
Academic Director (Ret.)
Jawaharlal Nehru University
(ISI: MA Political Science, 66-68
 ISI: JDR Political Science, 68-70
 FOOD: Admin Food-Related Programs, 72
 EDP: Structural Transformation and Rural Asia, 91)


The late Dennis C. Zvinakis
(ISI: MA Asian Studies, 65-67
 ASSOC: EWC/EWCA Vietnam International Conference, 06)





Dr. Nereus "Neric" O. Acosta
Professor of Public Policy, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Mindanao
Faculty member, Ateneo de manila University School of Government
Congressman, Philippines House of Representatives
Manila, Philippines
(CUL: PhD Political Science, 89-94
 ET: RI Internationalization Forum, 94)


Dr. Wallace Chappell
Executive Director
The Paul Taylor Dance Company
New York, USA
(ISI: MA Drama and Theatre, 63-65)


Dr. Ho-Jin Kim
Professor Emeritus
Korea University
Seoul, Korea
(CI: PhD Political Science, 74-78
 NEA: WCS Korean Centennial Conference, 03)





Mr. Willie Chan
President and C.E.O.
Jackie & Willie Productions LTD.
Kowloong, Hong Kong
(ISI: MA Agricultural Economics, 64-66
 ITI: Fld Travel Industry Management, 70)


Dr. David E. Jones
Associate Professor
Kennesaw State University
Georgia, USA
(ASDP: PA Japanese Culture & Civilization, 95
 ASDP: PA 1996 ASDP Annual Meeting, 96
 ASDP: PA Summer Institute: Rel & Phil China, 98
 ASDP: PA Inst on Korean Culture & Society, 00
 ASDP: PA ASDP 2000 National Conference, 00
 ASDP: PA Inst on Tchg about China/U.S. 04)


Mr. Gerald A. Osterman
President & CEO
Trade Services International Ltd.
Illinois, USA
(OG: MA Business Administration/OCP, 65-71)



Mrs. Tsue Asami Ostermann
Freelance Conference Interpreter
Illinois, USA
(ISI: MA History, 65-67
 ASSOC: Fld EWCA Chapter Leaders Workshop, 99)





The late Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Anuwar Bin Mahmud
Pal Oil Research Institute Malaysia (PORIM)
Selangor, Malaysia
(ISI: MA Animal Sciences, 61-63)


Dr. Michael Hugh Anderson
Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs
U.S. Embassy
Manila, Philippines
(CI: PhD Political Science, 74-78
 CI: RI Communication Policy & Planning, 79-80
 CI: FEL Communication Policy & Planning, 81)


Dr. Crescencia Villarino Chan-Gonzaga
Leyte Normal University
Leyte, Philippines
(ISI: MA Teaching English as a Second Language, 65-67)


Mr. Haigo T.H. Shen
Haigo Shen and Partners
Taipei, Taiwan
(ITI: PA TIM Chinese Arch & Engr, 69)





Mr. Choko Takayama
Deputy Mayor of Naha
Okinawa, Japan
(ISI: MA Educational Psychology, 62-64
 ITI: PA Counseling, 63-64)


Dr. Santiago Rigonan Obien
Philippine Rice Research Institute
(ISI: MA Agronomy, 61-63
 ITI: PA Asian-Pacific Weed, 67
 FI: PA Pest Management, 74
 RSI: FLD Res Ping w/s-Bot Pest Ctrl Proj, 84
 ASSOC: FLD EWCA Chapter Leaders Workshop, 99)


Dr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra
State University of New York (SUNY)
Oneonta, New York, USA
(ISI: PhD Philosophy, 63-69)