Distinguished Alumni Awardees, 2010-2018



Dr. Alex B. Brillantes, Jr.
National College of Public Administration and Governance at the University of the Philippines
Manila, Philippines
(ICC: PhD Political Science, 80-85
 RSI: RI Centerwide, 85
 RSI: Fel Centerwide, 85-86)

Dr. Woo-Taik Chung
Member of the National Assembly, The Republic of Korea
Seoul, Republic of Korea
(POP:  PhD Economics, 84-87)



Dr. Arsenio M. Balisacan
Philippines’ Secretary of Socioeconomic Planning
Director-General of the National Economic and Development Authority
Manila, Philippines
(RSI: RI Resource Systems, 82-83, 83-84
 RSI: Fel Resource Systems, 85-86)

Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra
Professor Emeritus at Forman Christian College
Lahore, Pakistan
(OG: PhD History, 78-82
 CLI: RI Culture & Arts Program, 82
 CW: RI International Education, 83)



Mr. Hiromitsu Miyagi
Former Chapter President and Former Vice-Governor of Okinawa Prefecture
Decorated by his Majesty the Emperor of Japan for Distinguished Service to Society
Awarded the Testimonial of Commendation by the Governor of Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa, Japan
(ISI:  MA Agricultural Economics, 63-65)

Mr. Puongpun Sananikone
Former Chair of the EWC Board of Govenors
Formerly of the Asian Development Bank, Louis Berger International, Hawaiian Agronomics Internation and PacMar, Inc.
Hawaii, USA
(ISI:  BA Economics, 64-68)


Ms. Thanh-Lo Sananikone
Managing Director of TAF International Inc.
Awardee of the 2003 Minority Small Business Advocate of the Year Award
Hawaii, USA
(ISI:  BA Chemistry 64-68)



Mr. Senen Bacani
Chairman and President
LA Frutera, Inc.
Pasig City, Philippines
(ISI:  MA Bus Admin, 66-68)

Ms. Amanda Ellis
Deputy Secretary International Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Wellington, New Zealand
(OG, PhD Political Science, 86-89)



Dr. Hao Ping
Beijing Foreign Studies University
Beijing, China
(ASDP: RI Asian Studies Development Program 93-95
 ASDP: VFI Asian Studies Development Program 95-96)


Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri
Nobel Peace Prize Awardee
Recipient of "Padma Vibhushan" Award
The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI)
New Delhi, India
(RSI: APESC IV Meeting, 81
 RSI: A/P Energy Studies Group Meeting V, 82
 RSI: Energy Systems Program, 82
 RSI: A/P Energy Studies Consultative Group, 83
 RSI: APO-RSI Seminar on Energy Sector Performance, 87)


Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma
Ambassador of Nepal to the United States of America
Embassy of Nepal
Washington, D.C., USA
(ISI: MA Asian Studies, 65-67
 ASSOC: EWC/EWCA Vietnam International Conference, 06)


Dr. Delia B. Rodriguez-Amaya
Research Fellow of the Brazilian National Council for Science and Technology
Professor Food Science
University of Campinas
Sao Paulo, Brazil
(ISI: MA Food Science, 64-66)


Dr. Ann Dunham Soetoro
Receives this award posthumously in recognition of her outstanding work in anthropology, including work in Indonesia on micro financing, which has been recognized by Duke University Press which recently published her Phd dissertation.
(RSI: PhD Anthropology, 73-78)