EWC Distinguished Alumni Award

This award honors former East-West Center participants for exceptional accomplishments in their professions and contributions to East-West relations and understanding. The award was established by an endowment fund donated by the late Dr. Dai-Ho Chun, former director of the Center's Institute of Technical Interchange.



EWC participants who have successfully completed the provisions of their respective participant awards are eligible. Current participants, EWC staff, sitting EWCA Executive Board members and Board of Governors members are ineligible.


Outstanding accomplishments subsequent to the completion of the EWC award period including:

  • Significant contributions to the promotion of better relations and understanding among the countries of East and West through activities of cultural and technical interchange;
  • Significant career achievement;
  • Continuing support for the goals of the Center.

Every effort will be made to appropriately recognize the geographical regions within the Center's mandate and the various categories of participants who are involved in Center programs, however, the basic criteria for the awards must always be the prime consideration. In the event of equally qualified nominations, preference will be given to nominations submitted by EWCA chapters.


The East-West Center Distinguished Alumni Award consists of a specially designed certificate and a cash award of $1,000.

Method for Seeking Nominations

  • Nominations will be solicited from EWC staff, alumni, and alumni chapters.
  • Nominations made by alumni chapters must be submitted by the president or recognized leader of the respective organization on behalf of the chapter. Please attach a list including the names and signatures of the association officers who endorse this nomination.
  • Nominations made by individuals must be supported by at least three other EWC alumni. Please attach a list including the names, signatures, and addresses of those who support this nomination.

Since contacting the nominee directly might create embarrassment in the event he/she is not chosen, it is suggested that information be obtained from the nominee's secretary, employer, personnel or public relations officer, or from friends or officers of the local alumni association.

Deadline for Receipt of Nominations

January 15

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Attach Summary Statement Supporting this Nomination and CV

Please include a narrative statement which addresses all of the following areas. Bear in mind that this narrative is the most significant supporting document for this nomination.

  1. Reasons (primary and secondary) for this nomination;
  2. Outstanding accomplishments in the nominee's field of endeavor;
  3. Statement as to how the nominee's EWC experience relates to his/her outstanding accomplishments;
  4. Record of nominee's service in continuing support of the goals and objectives of the Center and/or in support of alumni activities.

Please attach a curriculum vitae (biographical data) which provides information on the following five areas:

  1. Colleges attended, degrees received (including honorary) and dates;
  2. Career: Business/Professional data in chronological order (give dates where possible);
  3. Organizations to which the nominee belongs, such as: professional associations, learned and technical societies, civic organizations or fraternities;
  4. Dedications, honors, awards, etc.; and
  5. Significant scientific or professional publications, (attach items)

Complete and Return to:

Office of Alumni Engagement
East-West Center
1601 East-West Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96848-1601

Phone: 808-944-7506
FAX: 808-944-7212
E-mail: [email protected]


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