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Best American Story Evaluations (BASE)

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The US State Department has awarded the East-West Center a $1 million contract to enhance awareness of “All of America” efforts—including government, civil society, industry, and academia—to develop human capital in the strategically critical regions of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Main Objective

The main objective for BASE is to learn about the range of positive impacts of efforts by US government agencies, companies, universities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This information will be used to develop a strategic messaging campaign about US human capital development (HCD) efforts in the Asia-Pacific region.

What is Human Capital Development?

HCD includes investments, exchanges, and assistance provided by a range of US entities to improve governance in-country by building up skills and resources in individuals and civil society.

Regional Approach

The BASE project is collecting information about efforts in eight countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Vanuatu.

Project Summary

The BASE project consists of three activities: a Research Study, a Strategic-Messaging Campaign, and a Messaging Evaluation.

  • The Research Study (Activity 1) will collect and collate data and stories about US HCD efforts in the selected countries. Three products will be developed from these findings: a searchable BASE Database capturing the full “All of America” picture; country-specific BASE Dashboards that use customizable data-visualizations to represent key positive impacts; and a narrative BASE Report that analyzes trends, pinpoints successes and gaps, and highlights compelling stories.
  • The Strategic-Messaging Campaign (Activity 2) will raise positive awareness of US HCD efforts by developing a content, marketing, and implementation strategy for each selected countries. These campaign plans will center on communicating core messages through compelling stories. EWC experts will work with commercial partners to target digital and broadcast engagement for maximal impact.
  • The Messaging Evaluation (Activity 3) will measure whether the strategic-messaging campaign improved awareness, knowledge, and attitudes towards U.S. HCD in the selected countries. Based on an action-logic evaluation model, we will examine survey responses to assess messaging impact, including variance by country, age, gender, and education levels.

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How You Can Contribute

If you know of a human capital development project in Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Vanuatu, or Papua New Guinea, please enter the project information requested in the Project Entries form below. If you have difficulty finding a specific answer for the form, please feel free to write or select "unknown." Given that we have a team to follow-up on your entries, we appreciate even minimal project information.

If you have comments about the study, you may contact the East-West Center Institutional Review Board, 1601 East-West Road, Honolulu HI 96848; tel. +1.808.944.7300. The BASE project is being conducted via a cooperative agreement between the East-West Center and US Department of State.


Project Entries



Project Team

  • Jake Hamstra (Principal Investigator), Chief Communications Officer, Communications & External Relations
  • Melissa Finucane, Senior Research Fellow, Research Program
  • Jim Potenza (Project Manager), Administrative Officer, Research Program
  • Phanwin Yokying, Research Fellow, Research Program
  • Robert Moore, Scholarship Program Specialist, Education Program
  • Diliaur Tellei (Lead Digital Developer), Digital Communications Developer, Communications & External Relations
  • Justina Leach, Program Assistant, Research Program
  • Dana Almodova, Administrative Officer, Communications & External Relations
  • Jill Hamasaki, Marketing and Events Director, Communications & External Relations 
  • David Onoue, Marketing Manager, Communications and External Relations
  • Stephanie Sang, Research Assistant, Research Program
  • Khaliun Ganbaatar, Research Assistant, Research Program
  • Foley Pfalzgraf, Research Assistant, Research Program
  • Benjamin Moseley, Research Assistant, Research Program

Contact Information

For more information on the project, please contact: [email protected]